Mobile Technologies
Financial Incentives

Wellable is a wellness incentive company that enables health plans, employers, and wellness providers to leverage mobile apps to implement robust wellness programs. Members can be motivated to improve their health and wellness through a number of means, including financial incentives, social elements, and gamification. See how it works.


Healthy Behaviors

Members utilize mobile apps to engage in healthy behaviors, such as:

  • Physical activity
  • Weight loss
  • Smoking cessation
  • Stress management
  • Proper sleep

The mobile apps track and verify completed activities as well as provide support and motivation through social elements and gamification.


Automated Tracking

Wellable automatically monitors members' recorded activity and displays how they are performing toward their goals and financial rewards. Through an easy-to-use dashboard, members can assess their progress on numerous mobile apps and easily share their accomplishments with friends, family, and coworkers via their social networks. Wellable's administrative dashboard enables health plans, self-insured employers, and wellness providers to track member engagement and goal achievement for the entire population.


Financial Incentives

Based on Wellable's flexible and customizable rules engine, health plans, self-insured employers, and wellness providers enable their members to earn financial incentives for engaging in healthy behaviors. These financial incentives drive member engagement and can include:

  • HSA/HRA contributions
  • Premium reductions
  • Gift cards
  • Discounts
  • Vacation days