Account Manager

Application Materials

Please submit the following materials (required)

  • Resume
  • Open Response: Why are you interested in the Account Manager position at Wellable? What separates you from other applicants that are interested in this position?
  • Two Completed Assignments (listed below)


In addition to the required application materials (resume and open response), please select two assignments from the list below to complete and submit with your application.

Assignment #1: A new client joins Wellable.  This client is located in Memphis, TN and is a 200-person law-firm.  You are working with a five-person wellness committee and they have never run a wellness challenge before.  They are turning to you for recommendations on the type of challenge they should run.  Write an introductory email for the law firm’s employees explaining what the challenge is about and how to get set up with Wellable. 

Tip: Go through the Wellable website and request a trial account so you can better understand the platform and how a challenge works.  The email should not be longer than a page and a half.  Use your creativity to apply one of Wellable’s Employee Wellness Challenge Ideas or create a unique theme that best suits this client!


Assignment #2: A client is interested in running a weight loss challenge, traditionally Wellable doesn't support corporate weight loss challenges, write an email to the client explaining why running this type of challenge is not a best practice and include some alternative options.

Tip: Review Wellable’s blog post Biggest Loser Shows Weight Loss Challenges Don’t Work and suggest an alternative from Wellable’s Employee Wellness Challenge Ideas.


Assignment #3: A client is planning to run the Step It Up Challenge and wants to reward the top 4 individuals with $100, $75, $50, and $25 Amazon Gift Cards, respectively. Write an email explaining this process to a client. 

Tip: Review Wellable’s Reward Option Administration Article in the Admin Support Center.


Please send all the requested materials to and a member of our team will reach out to you shortly!