EquipmentShare, a construction industry leader, partnered with Wellable to create a comprehensive wellness program for their 5,500+ employees. Wellable's mobile-first platform provided accessible wellness resources, rewards like PTO and gift cards, and customizable challenges promoting holistic health. The dedicated support team ensured EquipmentShare successfully fostered a nationwide culture of well-being.


About EquipmentShare

EquipmentShare is revolutionizing the construction industry by providing advanced equipment and digital solutions to enhance productivity and control for contractors. Recognized for its innovative fleet management technology, EquipmentShare has grown significantly since its inception, aiming to digitize traditional manual processes and address the unique challenges faced by modern contractors.

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Wellness Program At A Glance

Program Start: 2020

Wellable Products:

Support Model: Full-Service

Program Type: Continuous Incentive Program

Rewards: Gift cards and Awarded Time Off

The Problem

EquipmentShare had ambitious goals for building a strong wellness culture beyond its Columbia, MO headquarters. The company’s rapid growth in 2019 and 2020 led to a distributed workforce of over 5,500 employees spread across the country. This workforce included employees with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and understandings of healthy living.

How Wellable Helped

Wellable provided a solution tailored to EquipmentShare’s unique challenges and goals:

  • Accessibility: Wellable's mobile-first platform provides easy access to all employees, regardless of location.
  • Engaging Rewards: Streamlined administration of PTO and gift cards results in greater flexibility and high engagement.
  • Holistic Approach: Wellable engages employees in challenges, content, and live experiences across all dimensions of well-being.
  • Building Block Strategy: EquipmentShare transitioned from running periodic wellness challenges to a continuous incentive program to drive long-term changes.
  • Dedicated Support: EquipmentShare's Customer Success Manager has a deep understanding of the company's culture and recommends innovative strategies tailored to their needs.
  • Integrated Benefits: Wellable's Benefits Navigation tool highlights existing benefits, making it a comprehensive hub for employees.

2023 Program Results

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Employees ❤️ EquipmentShare

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We've grown rapidly, but with Wellable, our culture of health has grown right alongside us. Their platform makes it possible (and scalable) to reach thousands of employees and make wellness a true part of who we are as a company. Their team understands our unique needs and consistently provides the support and ideas we need to keep our wellness program fresh and impactful.

- Cynthia Cline, Fitness Center Project Manager at EquipmentShare