Want more than just wellness videos?
Wellable is the no-brainer option.

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On-Demand Class Library
Live Fitness Classes
Global Accessibility
Access to the same platform, features, and support around the world, regardless of location
U.S. only
Fully Customizable Wellness Challenges
App & Device Integrations
Direct integrations with wearable devices and apps to automate data logging
Personal Wellness Assessment
Self-evaluation that offers personalized feedback for participants and aggregate, actionable data for organizations
Benefits Navigation
Centralized portal that enhances employee awareness and utilization of available health and well-being benefits
Automated Communication
Internal marketing tools to increase program awareness and engagement (automated emails, in-app messages, etc.)
Integrated Rewards & Incentives
Ability to issue gift cards or other rewards directly to participants
Community Chat
Health Coaching
Personalized coaching support empowering employees to make healthy changes
Lifestyle Spending Account
Virtual marketplace where funds can be used on discounted wellness activities and services
Transparent Pricing
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4.3 stars
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4.1 stars

Reach employees everywhere

The Burnalong experience varies by region, with limited support and platform accessibility outside of the U.S.

Wellable provides award-winning wellness solutions to multinational companies and international organizations globally. With users in over 45 different countries, Wellable offers users the same technology, support, and overall experience regardless of their location. Our wellness challenges, communications, classes, and other resources are designed to appeal to a global audience and can be customized to incorporate local preferences.

Reach employees everywhere (global access)
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Comprehensive & scalable solutions

Wellable offers a holistic array of wellness experiences, content, and classes, eclipsing Burnalong's focus on fitness classes. Encompassing wellness challenges, health coaching, health fairs, and extensive on-site and virtual services, and more, Wellable caters to diverse and evolving organizational needs.

This scalability and variety ensure your wellness program remains engaging and attuned to your company’s growth, offering a holistic approach to employee well-being that goes beyond mere on-demand resources.


Modern & polished content

Burnalong's On-Demand library offers diverse content. However, its traditional presentation lacks the modern flair and immersive engagement that today's users seek.


Wellable takes this foundation and elevates it with a polished, contemporary twist. Our On-Demand library features high-quality, engaging content designed with a modern aesthetic and intuitive navigation, making Wellable's offerings not just a utility but a premium user experience. Even against Burnalong's strengths, Wellable stands out for its superior and captivating solution.

Nancy M.

Jennell I.

"Easy to manage platform for company wellness initiative!"

What do you like best about Wellable?
The ease of users to sync or connect to the Wellable platform is one of the great things about Wellable. Participants are able to access their data and progress daily. We appreciated the on-demand features that allowed users the ability to pick and choose what they were interested in. The wellness emails were also a great feature to keep the idea of wellness in front of participants daily lives.

What problems is Wellable solving and how is that benefiting you?
Wellabe encourages physical, mental and emotional wellness for our staff, while providing a fun way to do it.

Nancy M.

Victoria G.

"Top tier employee wellness experience!"

What do you like best about Wellable?
Amazing customer service - 24/7 customer support and dedicated CSM
Super user friendly - users appreciate ease of use
Many options - tons of challenges, content that are 100% personalizable

What problems is Wellable solving and how is that benefiting you?
Wellable has allowed us to automate our wellness challenges and bring a lot of new benefits to our wellness program.

Harper N.

Harper N.

"I have loved Wellable. It has motivated and encouraged me to be more active."

What do you like best about Wellable?
I love that it is user-friendly, fun, and motivational. It makes me more motivated to workout and stay active.

What problems is Wellable solving and how is that benefiting you?
Wellable is solving the problem of me not walking/being active. I am an active person but it motivates me even more to reach the top tier each month!

Mrs L.

Mrs L.

"Wellable is an easy way to encourage employees to practice self care"

What do you like best about Wellable?
I love that a lot of Wellable is automated if you connect your smart devices to it. It is easy to earn points and it encourages self-care and it's fun to see your growth. Little changes and consistency help you go up in rank among your company which is fun, too.

What problems is Wellable solving and how is that benefiting you?
It is helping to solve employee burnout and encouraging health focus. It focuses you to think about what positive things you've done and if there wasn't anything to log, you want to do more the next day.

Employee wellness, reimagined

While both Wellable and Burnalong provide on-demand and live wellness experiences, Wellable is a much more comprehensive and customizable solution while also being markedly more affordable. It is the no-brainer option for any organization looking to start or scale their wellness program.

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