Employee Wellness Challenge Ideas


Challenge themes help make ordinary wellness challenges extraordinary by engaging participants in fun and interesting topics along their wellness journey.  Since all Wellable Wellness Challenges can be customized to fit the unique needs of an organization, the sample themes below highlight off-the-shelf programs that employers can configure to match their specific goals and objectives.  Employers do not need to feel limited by the sample challenges presented, as they can create their own challenges from scratch to meet the wellness vision they want to realize.


Step It Up Challenge

A step challenge is a great way to motivate participants to become happier, healthier, and more energized by recognizing the benefits of everyday activity.  In this no-frills, traditional step challenge, participants will work to increase physical activity and reach the top of the leaderboard by earning the most Wellable Points by the end of the challenge.  This challenge is sure to spark some healthy competition, and it’s easy and fun for all to join.

Step It Up Logo

Move More Challenge

Looking to step up your step challenge?  A traditional activity challenge still sparks healthy competition and is easy and fun for all to join, but it recognizes activity beyond steps alone.  Earning Wellable Points for all types of physical activities, including cycling, weight lifting, and yoga, participants will work to reach the top of the leaderboard by the end of the challenge.

Move More Challenge

High-Rise Race Challenge

This fitness challenge has participants climb some of the world’s most prominent high rises, including the Empire State Building, Makkahroyal Clock Tower, and Eifel Tower.  For each high rise a participant reaches, he or she will be entered into a raffle to win a prize, making it easy for employers to “stretch” their rewards budget.  The taller the high rise, the nicer the prize.  Participants that reach the top of Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, are entered into all five raffles.  Along their journey, participants receive interesting health tips about the locations they visit.

Employee Wellness Challenge Ideas

Sleep Tight Tonight Challenge

Sleep plays an important role in physical, mental, and emotional health, and as a result, making small tweaks to sleep hygiene can have a big impact on overall well-being.  During this challenge, participants will learn the importance of a good night’s rest and ways to practice healthy sleep habits through a series of six short, engaging, and animated healthy sleep videos.  This provides a fun and effective way to help participants work towards healthier sleep and feel rested and refreshed in the process.

Sleep Tight Tonight Challenge copy

Vacation Exploration Challenge

Enjoying time off is extremely beneficial for health and well-being! During this physical activity challenge, participants enjoy a virtual vacation – earning Wellable Points to explore four unique and popular vacation destinations around the globe. On this educational journey, participants will learn about health benefits associated with taking time off, different ways to spend a vacation (it doesn’t always mean traveling!), and fun facts and health tips about each of the destinations visited during their travels. For each destination a participant explores, they will be entered into a raffle for a chance to win a variety of rewards.

Vacation Exploration - Website

Gameday Hustle Challenge

You don’t have to be a pro to get in on some healthy pigskin competition.  The game plan for this physical activity challenge is for participants to earn Wellable Points to virtually move their team down the field and into the end zone for the game-winning touchdown.  Everyone who participates will feel like a champion as they tackle health and wellness through movement and teamwork.  Fun football facts and health tips are provided throughout the competition to keep teams in the gameday spirit.  Ready, set, hike!

Gameday Hustle Challenge

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Teams Of Two Challenge

Even the most motivated people still need a little nudge in the right direction every now and then.  Having a partner travel the road to healthy living can make success easier…and much more fun!  Studies have showthat social interactions have an overwhelmingly positive effect on physical and emotional well-being and behaviors are influenced by the people surrounding an individual, which is why it's so important to associate with people whose values and habits support a healthy lifestyle.  Since healthy habits can be contagious, this challenge has participants use the power of partnership to take their health to the next level and compete against other teams of two.

Employee Wellness Challenge Ideas - Teams of Two

World Longevity Challenge

During this five-week challenge, participants embark on an educational journey exploring the Blue Zones® – five places around the globe known to have the healthiest, longest living populations.  During their travels, participants will learn about each community’s lifestyles and habits, and see the trends between these communities that have aided in prolonging and enjoying life.  Participants earn Wellable Points to virtually travel to the communities, and at each stop, they are entered into a raffle for a chance to win a variety of rewards.

Ideas for employee wellness challenges - World longevity challenge

Sustainability Challenge

The simple goal of sustainability is to create and maintain an environment where humans and nature can exist in productive harmony.  In an effort to support individual health and long-term ecological balance, this challenge provides participants with an opportunity to focus on their physical well-being by engaging in activity as well as the well-being of the planet by learning how to easily incorporate sustainable practices into their everyday lives. 

The two overlap more than one would think, and in many cases (e.g., biking to work), the benefits even include other aspects of well-being, such as financial wellness from the money saved from engaging in the practice.  In addition to education on sustainability, participants will earn Wellable Points for engaging in sustainable practices.

Employee wellness challenge - sustainability challenge

Make Your Way To 5K Challenge

Setting a goal and then working towards it is a fun and effective way to get fit and feel a sense of accomplishment.  This challenge follows a seven-week training schedule, designed to prepare participants to complete a 5-kilometer race (3.1 miles).  Whether participants choose to walk or run, they will be able to track their activity and work towards achieving a weekly Wellable Point goal every day that, when attained, enters them into prize raffles.  If a company sponsors a local race, coordinating it with the challenge is a great way to promote the event and employee participation.

Make Your Way To 5K copy

Mind Body Challenge

When life gets busy, it’s important to keep both the mind and body healthy with a balance of physical and restorative activity.  In addition to staying physically active, the practice of meditation can improve well-being by sharpening concentration, boosting energy, and reducing stress and anxiety.  In this challenge, participants earn Wellable Points for completing guided meditation sessions and tracking physical activity.  At the end of the challenge, participants will receive resources to continue the practice of meditation on their own.

office wellness challenge ideas - mind body challenge

Step Into Summer Challenge

The start of a new season is a perfect time to kickstart healthy habits, and this challenge helps participants welcome summer by stepping into it!  Turn up the heat with healthy competition where participants compete in a traditional step challenge to reach the top of the leaderboard.  Practical tips and tricks will be provided each week of the challenge to help participants enjoy a safe and healthy summer season.

Step into summer



Eat Well, Be Well Challenge

You are what you eat so this challenge focuses on nutrition education and celebrating healthy eating awareness. This challenge Is focused on food and nutrition, not weight loss.  Mindful eating is the goal, and participants earn Wellable Points for tracking their meals and snacks through popular nutrition apps like Fitbit and MyFitnessPal.  Health tips, such as healthy snack ideas, based on recommendations from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the United States Department of Agriculture’s MyPlate help participants adopt healthier eating habits and continue practicing these habits long after the challenge has ended!

Eat Well Be Well copy

Reach The Peak Challenge

Participants travel the globe to climb the highest mountain peaks on the seven continents of the world.  For each peak a participant reaches, he or she will be entered into a raffle to win a prize, making it easy for employers to “stretch” their rewards budget.  The higher the peak, the nicer the prize.  Participants that reach Mt. Everest are entered into all seven raffles.  Along their journey, participants receive interesting health tips about the regions of the world they visit.

Idea for office wellness challenge - Reach the peak challenge

Heart Health Hero Challenge

American Heart Month is celebrated in February, but making heart-healthy choices year-round is key to well-being!  This wellness initiative is a great way to create awareness and encourage people to focus on keeping their hearts strong and healthy.  It is structured in a way that promotes exercise, healthy eating, and heart health education.  Tips and resources are provided based on recommendations from The American Heart Association to help participants continue practicing heart-healthy habits year-round.

Employee wellness initiative examples - heart health hero challenge

Big Shot Bracket Challenge

Hoops fan or not, this team-based elimination challenge promotes social well-being and is a fun way for participants to work together and compete with their colleagues to be the last team standing.  Participants will compete on teams in a bracket-style competition consisting of three, 12-day rounds: (1) company-wide competition, (2) playoffs (top four teams), and (3) finals (top two teams).  A minimum of five teams is required to launch this challenge.


Charity Challenge

Staying healthy while giving to others is a recipe for feeling good!  A Harvard Business School study found that empowering employees to support causes of their choice is more satisfying than receiving a bonus.  In this challenge, individuals, teams, or entire organizations earn dollars for charitable causes through healthy behaviors.  Employers can combine the challenge with other charitable programs to build upon past experiences and fund the contribution through the charitable giving budget to preserve rewards funding for future challenges.  Want an easy way to let participants pick their own charity?  Wellable can issue GlobalGiving gift cards as prizes, which can be used to fund more than 3,000 charities/projects across the world, including the United States.

Employee wellness challenge examples - charity challenge

Continuous Incentive Wellness Challenge

Unlike traditional health and wellness programs, continuous wellness programs do not have a defined start and end date – they are “active” all the time.  A challenge may run every month or every quarter, but the end of one challenge is always the beginning of the next. Participants earn Wellable Points over a period of time (yearly, quarterly, or monthly) that convert into rewards.  Prizes can be tiered (the more Wellable Points, the greater the reward) and can include payroll contribution, vacation days, premium differentials, and more.

Employee wellness challenge ideas - continuous wellness challenge



Candy Corn To Candy Cane Challenge

The holidays are a time to celebrate!  This challenge helps participants stay focused on their well-being while enjoying all the fun the holiday season has to offer.  In addition to tracking physical activity and nutrition during the challenge, participants will also earn Wellable Points for learning about important holiday health topics by completing fun trivia challenges each week.  Weekly topics include mindful eating, sustainability, gratitude, and sleep.  With each Trivia Challenge, participants receive fun facts and health tips related to the weekly topic.

wellness challenge platform

New Year Solutions Challenge

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to reflect, refresh, and look ahead.  The start of January goes hand-in-hand with the widely held tradition of making a New Year’s resolution, but many find that achieving new goals and making them stick can be tricky.  The challenge is about kickstarting healthy behaviors and setting goals and intentions to work towards throughout the year.  In addition to focusing on activity and nutrition awareness, tips and resources for creating S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely) goals help participants set thoughtful, personal goals for the upcoming year – their New Year Solutions.

workplace wellness initiatives - New Year Solutions

Torch Relay Challenge

There is nothing wrong with a little healthy competition!  In fact, competition may be a better motivator for exercise than social support.  Inspired by the Games originally held every four years in Olympia, this fun challenge delivers the just right dose of competitiveness.  Participants compete in teams, working with their colleagues to earn Wellable Points, climb the leaderboard, and win the gold.  Rewards are provided on an individual basis throughout the challenge as each employee works towards the goal of reaching all legs of the Torch Relay.  In addition to focusing on activity and nutrition awareness, Special Activities likened to popular sporting events will be promoted to encourage employeesto get active and have fun.

Employee Wellness Challenge Ideas

Back To Basics Challenge

This workplace wellness challenge is perfect for getting back to the fundamentals of well-being through some “healthy” competition.  No frills or fluff in this challenge, just team and/or individual leaderboards to encourage participants to race to the top.  Motivating health tips are provided along the way to educate and inspire participants to put their best foot forward.

Back to Basic Challenge-1

Healthy Holidays Challenge

‘Tis the season to celebrate…and be healthy!  Prioritizing wellness can be tricky during the hustle and bustle of the holidays, but this challenge makes it fun and easy for participants to focus on their well-being and make smart, healthy choices throughout the many celebrations at the end of the year.  In addition to tracking physical activity and nutrition during the challenge, participants will receive weekly health tips and ways to practice small, healthful habits during the holiday season!

Healthy Holidays Challenge (Long)

Total Wellness Challenge

Wellness goes far beyond just being active and eating well.  Bringing awareness to its unique dimensions of wellness can help build a holistic sense of fulfillment and well-being – and this challenge provides an opportunity for just that!  In addition to tracking physical activity and nutrition, participants will view engaging videos to explore eight different well-being dimensions: (i) physical, (ii) social, (iii) spiritual, (iv) emotional, (v) occupational, (vi) environmental, (vii) intellectual, and (viii) financial wellness.

Total Wellness Challenge - Long