Ways To Earn Wellable Points

Walking & Running

Walking & Running

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5K Registration


During the Make Your Way To 5K Challenge, participants will train their way to finishing a 3.1-mile race with ease - no matter if they prefer to walk, jog, or run! Designed to build stamina over time, a 5K training plan guides participants through daily activity goals. This challenge allows participants a fun and effective way to get fit and feel a sense of accomplishment in the process.

During the seven-week challenge, participants will earn Wellable Points for steps and distance and receive health tips to support their training, all while being encouraged to hit weekly goals that align with a 5K training schedule. Coordinating this challenge with a local race is a great way to promote the challenge, encourage participation, and support the community!

Recommended Reward Structure

Two raffle winners will be announced weekly. For the first raffle, a winner will be chosen from those participants that meet or exceed the weekly Wellable Points goal. The second raffle will reward a winner using a Wellable Points-based raffle, so any participant earning Wellable Points has a chance to win a prize. This dual raffle structure helps stretch a rewards budget for maximum impact by encouraging participants to challenge themselves to reach the next week's goal in their 5K training plan, while still rewarding participants that are trying their best.

Grand prizes will also be awarded at the end of the challenge to the top three participants that earn the most Wellable Points.


Frequently Asked Questions

Wellable Points can be earned by tracking distance traveled from walking and running through one of Wellable's partner apps or by manually logging these activities in a Wellable User Account.

At any point during the challenge, participants can earn Wellable Points for registering for a 5K race. To earn Wellable Points, participants must submit proof of registration to Wellable Support via email.