Ways To Earn Wellable Points

Walking & Running

Walking & Running


Turn up the heat with some healthy competition that's easy and fun for all with the Step Into Summer Challenge!

This traditional step challenge can be configured as a team- or individual-based program and can range from two to six weeks long. The goal is for participants to rack up the steps to reach the top of the leaderboard by earning the most Wellable Points by the end of the challenge. Practical tips and tricks will be provided during each week of the challenge to help participants enjoy a safe and healthy summer season.

Recommended Reward Structure

For an individual-based challenge, grand prizes will be awarded to the top five participants that earn the most Wellable Points during the challenge. The total number of participants rewarded can be increased or decreased based on the number of participants competing and the challenge rewards budget.


Recommended Reward Structure

For a team-based challenge, grand prizes will be awarded to all participants of the winning team that earns the most Wellable Points during the challenge. Based on team size and the number of teams that participate, rewards can be given to participants of runner-up teams as well.


Frequently Asked Questions

Wellable Points can be earned by tracking distance traveled from walking and running through one of Wellable's partner apps or by manually logging these activities in a Wellable User Account.

There is no limit to the number of participants that can be part of a team, so teams can be any size. Wellable recommends creating teams of between four and eight members to ensure the benefits of being part of a team are achieved while maintaining accountability.

Teams are ranked by the average number of Wellable Points for all members of a team. This means that teammates with zero Wellable Points during a challenge will lower the score of the entire team, which is why encouraging your teammates to stay active throughout the challenge is so important.