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The journey to better health starts with education and awareness, but with so many internet sources—good and bad—it can be difficult to locate credible information. With a multimedia strategy, Wellable proactively provides reliable, evidence-based health information on a wide breadth of topics that are accessible to both on-site and remote employees.

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Holistic Webinar Series

Holistic Webinar Series

This monthly webinar series features educational presentations that are hands-on and custom-created to connect with viewers. Delivered by world-class health educators, a new dimension of holistic well-being is introduced each month. Presentations can be accessed live or on-demand and include a Q&A period to encourage roundtable discussions.

Health Tips

Health Tips

  • Health tips delivered directly to employee's phones via push notification
  • Based on research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the University of Kansas School of Medicine
  • 160 characters or less and links to read more information
Research-Backed And Beautifully Designed Flyers


When placed strategically, print flyers remain one of the most effective ways to provide information in communal environments. The branded flyers deliver relevant and actionable health tips on many topics to improve wellness literacy.

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Email Newsletter For Health Content

Email Newsletters

Fully-branded newsletters are a perfect way to provide practical and holistic wellness information. Educational articles are sourced from reputable publications and cover a wide range of lifestyle and health topics, such as heart health, physical wellness, mental health, nutrition, and more. Get a full report of engagement with the newsletter based on delivery, open, and click rates.

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