The journey to better health starts with education and awareness, but with so many sourcesgood and badon the internet, it can be hard to navigate and find accurate information. With a multimedia strategy, Wellable proactively provides employees with reliable, evidence-based health information that covers a wide breadth of topics and is timely (sunscreen during the summer, flu shots in late fall and winter, etc.).

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Text Messages

90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes. Harness their power to engage and educate.

  • Based on research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the University of Kansas School of Medicine
  • Health tips delivered directly to employees via text message
  • 160 characters or less and links to read more information
  • Dedicated text stream for each organization
  • Ability to include specific reminders for screenings, flu shots, yoga classes, etc.
  • Rewards administration to encourage employees to sign up for the service

Email Newsletters

The fully-branded newsletters are a perfect way to provide practical and holistic wellness information. Educational articles are sourced from reputable publications and cover a wide range of lifestyle and health topics, such as heart health, physical wellness, mental health, nutrition, and more. Get a full report of engagement with the newsletter based on delivery, open, and click rates.


Holistic Webinar Series

Wellable’s monthly webinar series features educational presentations that are hands-on and custom-created to connect with viewers. Delivered by world-class health educators, a new area of holistic well-being is introduced each month. Presentations can be accessed live or on-demand, and include a Q&A period to encourage roundtable discussions.

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