How many eligible employees do you have?

Annual premium paid per employee
Data from Kaiser Family Foundation Employer Health Benefits Survey shows the average employee's annual premium paid by the employer is $11,921.


Average salary per employee


Percentage of
employees who are not engaged
According to Gallup’s recent State of the Workplace report, 67% of employees are not engaged with their work, are indifferent to the success of their company, and do the bare minimum required of them.


Cost of disengagement
According to the same Gallup report, employees who are not engaged cost their company the equivalent of 18% of their annual salary
 (as a percentage of salary)


Annual turnover rate
A SHRM study shows that the average annual turnover rate is 19%.


Turnover cost
Predictive Index projects the total turnover cost per employee to be $16,798.
per employee


Wellness program spend per employee per year


Rewards spend per employee per year

ROI Category Current Cost Program Impact Value Created
Healthcare $0 $0 $0
Productivity $0 $0 $0
Retention $0 $0 $0

Total Value = $0

Wellness Program Spend = $0

Rewards Spend = $0

Estimated ROI = $0 for every $1 invested

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