This class explores the therapeutic benefits and application of essential oils, offering hands-on experiences such as massage, topical application, and inhalation to improve health and mood. Participants will discover the holistic benefits of aromatic plant extracts and craft their own blends using a variety of common essential oils.

What Participants Need


Device (preferably computer for video sharing) with internet connectivity to join the event’s Zoom meeting


Lemon, lavender, and peppermint essential oils

Roller bottle (10 ml cylindrical glass bottle with metal roller top)

How It Works

Step 1

Participants join event via meeting link provided in registration email


Step 2

Instructor greets attendees and introduces the benefits and application of essential oils


Step 3

Participants follow instructor’s guidance to mix and experience essential oils firsthand



Please check your email for an Implementation Guide provided by your Customer Success Manager. This guide will help you promote the event through a variety of materials designed to generate awareness and build excitement!


Frequently Asked Questions

Upon registering, participants will receive a calendar invite that includes a link to join the class. Refer to the promotional materials in the event’s Implementation Guide for more details about the registration process.

This class does not require prior experience with essential oils to enjoy their health benefits, including boosting mood, immunity, and energy levels. The instructor will guide participants through various techniques to experience the power of aromatherapy as well as allow time for questions.

Yes! Your Customer Success Manager can help issue gift cards to class registrants for the purchase of an aromatherapy kit.

No, participants can choose to watch and learn about the practice of aromatherapy and its benefits without supplies.

The total class time is 60 minutes. This includes learning the history and applications of essential oils, how to incorporate them into daily routines, and the art of making personalized blends.

Registration for the class closes when the event begins.

Wellable can provide total number of individuals that registered for and attended the event.