This painting class has participants swap their pen and paper for paint and canvas to get to work…artwork that is! Attendees will follow an instructor’s step-by-step guidance to create their very own masterpiece. No painting experience required!

What Participants Need


Device (preferably computer for video sharing) with internet connectivity to join the event’s Zoom meeting


Canvas, paints, and brushes…all of which are detailed in the Painter’s Prep List

How It Works

Step 1

Participants join event via meeting link provided in registration email


Step 2

Instructor greets attendees and introduces the chosen painting, how to mix paints to create new colors, and class flow


Step 3

Participants follow the instructor’s guidance to create their own piece of art



Please check your email for an Implementation Guide provided by your Customer Success Manager. This guide will help you promote the team-building event through a variety of materials designed to generate awareness and build excitement!


Frequently Asked Questions

Upon registering, participants will receive a calendar invite that includes a link to join the class. Refer to the promotional materials in the event’s Implementation Guide for more details about the registration process.

This class does not require any prior experience or painting skills to enjoy the health benefits of creativity sparked by this event, including elevated mood, alleviated anxiety, and boosted brain function. The instructor will provide step-by-step guidance on the various techniques participants can use to create a unique painting as well as allow time for questions throughout the class.

No, participants can prop up their canvas using items such as books or lay it directly on a table.

Yes! Your Customer Success Manager can help issue gift cards to class registrants for the purchase of painting kits.

The total class time is 60 minutes. This includes learning how to mix paints to create new colors and step-by-step guidance and suggested techniques for creating the painting.

Registration for the class closes when the event begins.

Wellable can provide the total number of individuals that registered for and attended the event.

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