Why Wellable

Thinking that we're just another employee wellness program? Think again!

Direct App And Device Integrations

Wellable’s Wellness Challenges solution integrates directly with all the leading consumer wellness apps and wearable devices (full list of integrations) so users can benefit from automatic and real-time syncing of wellness data to their Wellable account. Unlike most other solutions with comparable integrations, Wellable connects directly with its app and device partners so users can benefit from real-time data as well as better and more timely support, both of which result in higher quality wellness experiences for all participants.

Wellable direct integration

Customizable And Configurable Platform

Every employer is unique, and so is every employee within that organization. This is why one-size-fits-all solutions never work in employee wellness programs. Wellable allows employers to create wellness experiences that address the specific needs and objectives of their organization through a wide array of customization and configuration options across all solutions. As their wellness program grows and evolves, employers can take the feedback from employees to frequently and easily adjust their program to adapt to the changing needs of participants.

Wellable's customizable and configurable platform

Dedicated Account Management

Wellable’s team of dedicated Account Managers make designing and executing custom wellness programs easy. These wellness experts leverage their extensive experience, best practices from other Wellable clients, and current research to ensure programs are built for success. They also help in designing short- and long-term wellness strategies, setting goals and objectives to measure success, and optimizing reward and incentive budgets. Every customer receives a dedicated Account Manager who will become familiar with their unique needs and concerns so that they can be proactive in addressing issues before they arise.

Wellable's Dedicated Account Management


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Every organization has unique wellness needs and goals, which are understood and documented for use in implementation.



Based on organizational goals, Wellable creates custom programs for each employer.



Execution is key. Wellable provides the tools and solutions to ensure no aspects of a program are missed.



Through frequent evaluations, Wellable identifies areas of improvement and iterates for success.



Affordable And Flexible Pricing

Organizations may be in different stages of their wellness program; some groups have robust programs and are looking for point solutions like a specific seminar or global step challenge; while other groups are just beginning and are looking to start small or are seeking a vendor to manage their entire wellness experience. Regardless of stage, Wellable can address all types of needs by offering distinct solutions that can be implemented separately at affordable prices and a great value.  There is no wasteful spending on unnecessary solutions.

Wellable's Affordable and Flexible Pricing