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55 minutes of golfing ranges between:
4,400 steps
6,875 steps
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Activity Steps Per Minute
Aerobics 125-180
Badminton 100-130
Baseball 110-130
Basketball 150-230
Bicycling 130-200
Billiards 70-80
Bowling 70-90
Boxing 130-225
Calisthenics 100-125
Canoeing 90-100
Cheerleading 100-115
Circuit training 180-200
Cricket 100-110
Curling 90-100
Dancing 90-125
Elliptical 190-205
Fencing 135-175
Fishing 55-105
Football 195-235
Frisbee 60-90
Gardening 80-100
Golfing 80-125
Gymnastics 95-125
Handball 150-250
Hiking 190-230
Hockey 195-235
Horseback riding 85-95
Housework 50-85
Ice skating 80-125
Judo 190-225
Jumping rope 235-260
Karate 190-225
Kickboxing 285-295
Activity Steps Per Minute
Lacrosse 195-235
Miniature Golf 85-95
Mowing 100-120
Pilates 90-100
Ping Pong 100-115
Punching bag 150-175
Racquetball 140-150
Rock Climbing 250-275
Rollerblading 125-150
Rowing 180-200
Running 150-250
Sailing 90-100
Scuba diving 190-200
Shopping 70-80
Shoveling 130-150
Skateboarding 95-105
Skiing/ Snowboarding 150-200
Snowshoeing 175-185
Soccer 145-180
Softball 110-130
Spinning class 225-240
Squash 300-350
Stair climbing 180-200
Stretching 15-25
Swimming 175-225
Taekwondo 265-285
Tai chi 15-25
Tennis 125-175
Volleyball 100-200
Weight lifting 90-125
Yard work 125-145
Yoga 100-125

Sources: MIT getfit; Fitbit; Vanderbilt University

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Frequently Asked Questions

An activity converter lets you translate the time you spend doing any exercise (e.g., bicycling, pilates, yoga, swimming, etc.) into steps and distances.

The most typical reason one would utilize an activity converter is to translate non-step-focused exercises like bicycling, pilates, and swimming into steps to simplify participation in a step challenge. If you're starting a step challenge soon, consider checking out this list for some amazing team names. Looking to start a step challenge at your organization? Explore our Step It Up Challenge.

These step counts are calculated using the metabolic equivalent for task (MET), which compares the amount of effort required for various exercises. Nevertheless, because the movements for each activity can be so diverse, these conversions are only approximations.