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Incentive Programs Fixed rewards via Go365 Mall Flexible reward options with gift cards, LSAs, and more
App and Device Integration Indirect integration through API connection vendor (Validic) Direct integrations with Apple, Fitbit, Garmin, and more
Personal Wellness Assessment Traditional Health Risk Assessment Personal Wellness Assessment covering 8 dimensions of well-being
Wellness Content Videos, webinars, and articles World-class monthly webinars and a robust library of on-demand fitness, meditation, and nutrition classes
Wellness Challenges Primarily step, weight loss, and sleep challenges 30+ holistic challenges, including activity, financial wellness, mental health, and more
Biometrics Encourages annual Biometric Screening Encourages preventive wellness (e.g., annual physical, flu shot, vision/dental exam)
Surveys Surveys capture employee perception of program benefits Customizable surveys to capture qualitative data on wellness program success
Health Coach Healthy Life Coaching program Unlimited inbound sessions with certified holistic health coaches
Reporting Reports available upon request Full suite of on-demand reports and dashboards accessible through a dedicated admin portal

Customize to your ❤️’s desire

Wellable programs are highly customizable and configurable, allowing you to tailor your wellness challenges, content, and communications to meet the unique needs of your workforce. Choose the specific wellness activities that you want to promote, such as fitness challenges, nutrition programs, and stress management seminars.

In contrast, Humana Go365 has a more one-size-fits-all approach, with pre-determined activities that may not align with the specific needs and interests of every employee.


Direct integrations = Better integrations

Go365 connects to third-party apps and devices through Validic, an API connection vendor. API connection services and their products have limitations due to this architecture.


Wellable builds proprietary connections to all its technology partners and does not utilize an API connection vendor. Wellable syncs with all the leading consumer apps and wearable devices, including Apple Health, Fitbit, Garmin, MyFitnessPal, and more.

Apple Health
S Health
Google Fit
Map My Run
Map My Ride
Map My Fitness

More flexibility leads to better engagement

Wellable clients can choose from a variety of reward options, including monetary incentives such as gift cards, lifestyle spending accounts, or discounts on healthcare premiums. This means that you can build a reward structure that best suits your budget and goals.

In contrast, Go365 has a more limited reward structure, with incentives that are mostly tied to completion of preventive care activities.

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Designed for everyone

Wellable is more accessible than Go365 for employees who have a variety of needs and interests. Wellable programs promote a holistic experience for all participants, engaging users in activities, content modules, and live experiences across all dimensions of well-being.


Go365 takes a more clinical approach, favoring biometric screenings and other legacy wellness strategies that deliver mixed results for employers and employees.

Nancy M.

Jennell I.

"Easy to manage platform for company wellness initiative!"

What do you like best about Wellable?
The ease of users to sync or connect to the Wellable platform is one of the great things about Wellable. Participants are able to access their data and progress daily. We appreciated the on-demand features that allowed users the ability to pick and choose what they were interested in. The wellness emails were also a great feature to keep the idea of wellness in front of participants daily lives.

What problems is Wellable solving and how is that benefiting you?
Wellabe encourages physical, mental and emotional wellness for our staff, while providing a fun way to do it.

Nancy M.

Victoria G.

"Top tier employee wellness experience!"

What do you like best about Wellable?
Amazing customer service - 24/7 customer support and dedicated CSM
Super user friendly - users appreciate ease of use
Many options - tons of challenges, content that are 100% personalizable

What problems is Wellable solving and how is that benefiting you?
Wellable has allowed us to automate our wellness challenges and bring a lot of new benefits to our wellness program.

Harper N.

Harper N.

"I have loved Wellable. It has motivated and encouraged me to be more active."

What do you like best about Wellable?
I love that it is user-friendly, fun, and motivational. It makes me more motivated to workout and stay active.

What problems is Wellable solving and how is that benefiting you?
Wellable is solving the problem of me not walking/being active. I am an active person but it motivates me even more to reach the top tier each month!

Mrs L.

Mrs L.

"Wellable is an easy way to encourage employees to practice self care"

What do you like best about Wellable?
I love that a lot of Wellable is automated if you connect your smart devices to it. It is easy to earn points and it encourages self-care and it's fun to see your growth. Little changes and consistency help you go up in rank among your company which is fun, too.

What problems is Wellable solving and how is that benefiting you?
It is helping to solve employee burnout and encouraging health focus. It focuses you to think about what positive things you've done and if there wasn't anything to log, you want to do more the next day.

Employee wellness, reimagined

While both Wellable and Go365 aim to help members live healthier lives, Wellable offers a higher level of customization, integration, flexibility, and accessibility that makes it a great alternative to Go365.

By tailoring the wellness program to the specific needs and interests of their workforce, offering a variety of reward options, and integrating with third-party apps and devices, employers can create a wellness program that truly engages and motivates employees to live healthier lives.

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