Wellness Services

Wellness Experiences Deserve A Human Touch

In addition to leading wellness technology solutions, Wellable offers a wide range of onsite and virtual services, providing employers with a complete wellness experience. From health coaching to fitness classes, Wellable adds the human interaction that gives wellness programs a personal touch. Wellable can also connect the diverse parts of a wellness program by incorporating wellness services participation directly into challenges.

Seminars And Webinars

Wellable's educational workshops are hands-on and custom-created to connect with employees and instill lasting healthy habits. Discussion topics are completely customized and include healthy eating, weight loss, ergonomics, behavior modifications, stress management, fitness, and more!

Health and wellness webinars

Fitness Classes

Wellable offers a wide variety of fitness classes geared to motivate movement and physical activity to encourage healthy workplaces. The all-level fitness classes are created so anyone can participate regardless of their fitness levels or physical limitations. 

Wellable's highly trained fitness instructors deliver classes in a welcoming, fun, and safe atmosphere. Class schedules and frequencies are customized to meet needs and interest levels. In addition to a great workout, group fitness classes provide employees a chance to get together, build comradery, and have fun!

Classes include but aren’t limited to: Pilates, yoga, Zumba, Barre, boot camps, and outdoor classes.

On-site fitness classes for employee wellness programs

Health Coaching

Health coaching programs are designed to guide and motivate employees to become advocates for their own health. Coaches help participants make positive behavior changes and engage in healthy lifestyle habits, such as exercise, stress management, and weight management.

Wellable’s health coaching program utilizes a new model that takes advantage of popular consumer wellness technologies, allowing employers to get the most wellness bang for their budget buck. Employees get to interact with digital coaches outside of appointment hours on apps like MyFitnessPal, MapMyRun, and more, which translates to more consistent support and a larger impact on employee health.

Employee Health Coaching

Health Fairs

Health fairs are a great opportunity for employees to learn about the different health and wellness benefits that are available to them as well as a chance to become more aware of their own health and well-being.

Wellable’s team of professionals manages all aspects of planning a next fair, including venue, activity programming, internal marketing and communications, outsourcing, and in-house services, such as smoothie demos, onsite fitness classes, health coaching, and more!

Planning Health Fair

Specialty Services

Wellable can address unique wellness needs through a wide variety of specialty services that provide employees with out-of-the-box and state-of-the-art wellness experiences.  Specialty services include acupuncture, reiki, reflexology, massage therapy, and food demonstrations.

Corporate On-site Specialty Services


Screenings are used to provide employees with individualized information about a specific part of their well-being. All screenings are conducted by trained professionals, and after a screening occurs, employees receive education on the results and areas in which they can improve their well-being. For screening appointments, employees sign up online for individual sessions with the health professional. Duration of a session will depend on the type of screening. Please note that there will be no diagnoses as screenings are for educational purposes only.

Corporate screening

Information Tables

For health fairs and other events, Wellable can deliver information tables on a wide range of topics, including all subjects currently offered such as seminars, fitness classes, specialty services, and screenings. Information tables include take-home handouts, trained subject matter expert, and other items to facilitate learning on the associated topic.

Corporate Information Tables


Wellable offers a wide variety of consulting services to assist in building the best employee wellness program for an organization.  Consultants work to understand culture, goals, and initiatives to help build a program that creates an exceptional wellness experience.  

Wellable has expertise in many different areas of wellness programming, such as nutrition, fitness, stress management, and restaurant analyses to help employees make better lifestyle choices. 

Employee Wellness Program Consulting