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 Modern technology that provides customizable program options to help employees thrive. 


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Holistic Wellness Challenges

Fun, interactive, and customizable wellness challenges that promote healthy behaviors across multiple dimensions of health.

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Continuous Incentive Program

Support model to encourage long-term, ongoing behavior changes and contain health care costs.

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Personal Wellness Assessment

Self-evaluation that offers personalized feedback for employees and aggregate, actionable data for employers.

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Clinical Event Verification

Verification of preventive health care procedures and visits, such as annual flu shot and physical examination.

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Engage Like Never Before

Build a culture of health that encourages participation across all ages and fitness levels.

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Customizable emails, in-app Bulletin Board, branded flyers, push notifications, and text messages.

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App & Device Integrations

Direct connections to leading fitness trackers and mobile apps (Apple Heath, Fitbit, Garmin, etc.).

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Gamification & Community

Promote healthy competition through team challenges, leaderboards, and social networks.

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Flexible incentive models with curated reward options to deliver the greatest impact on participation and workplace health.

Measure Program Impact

Simple and relevant analytics that provide actionable intelligence on employee wellness program performance. 

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On-Demand Analytics & Reports

Interactive dashboards and exportable reports that are available at any time.

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Qualitative Data

Feedback from periodic surveys to capture information numbers alone may miss.

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Dedicated Account Management

Wellness specialists that help design program strategies, define success metrics, and evaluate performance.

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Program Add-Ons

On-Demand Library

Unique employee benefit that features hundreds of fitness and meditation classes from top instructors across the globe. View more

Health Content

Multi-media (email, text messages, webinars, and flyers) holistic wellness content that promotes timely and relevant health information. View more

Thrive Account

Virtual marketplace where funds can be used on discounted wellness activities and services. View more

Wellness Services

On-site and virtual services, such as fitness classes, seminars, and health coaching. View more

Tobacco Cessation

Award-winning program that has helped more than 800,000 tobacco users successfully quit. View more

Frequently Asked Questions

Do users have access to the same functionality on the mobile app as the web-browser version?

Employees can access Wellable’s platform via web-browser or through its mobile app. Wellable’s mobile app is available for both iOS and Android phones. Users have access to all the same features and functionality on the mobile app as they do in the web-based platform.

How is activity tracked through the platform?

Wellable Points are awarded for all activities and healthy behaviors that are eligible for your program. This “common currency” allows you to track and measure performance across dissimilar wellness activities, such as physical activity, nutrition, and company-specific events. Wellable Points are customizable, so you will be able to make edits to the default structure.

How do employees participate without a smartphone or fitness tracker?

Wellable offers manual tracking of activities through the Physical Activity feature, which enables users to select from a range of sports and healthy activities, or manually enter step counts without using a connected device.

What types of wellness challenges does Wellable offer?

Wellable has a diverse challenge library with dozens of unique challenges. Each challenge includes pre-drafted communications (onboarding emails, challenge updates), program design, and a recommended reward structure.

Does Wellable offer team and individual challenges?

Wellable can host both team and individual challenges, although only one challenge at a time. In a team challenge, users can toggle between a team leaderboard and individual leaderboard.

Does Wellable offer a Health Risk Assessment (HRA)?

The Personal Wellness Assessment (PWA) is Wellable’s answer to the Health Risk Assessment (HRA). Rather than intrusive questions about an employee’s health, many of which they may not know, the PWA asks questions on an employee’s lifestyle across seven dimensions of health and well-being. Based on their responses, employees receive tailored educational content and feedback on ways to improve their health in that topic. Employers receive access to aggregated, de-identified responses, which can help them make smarter, more informed decisions about their wellness programming and meet the specific needs of their population.

Will the platform be branded to my organization?

All logos, graphics and pre-drafted content are customizable and can be fully branded to your organization.

Are rewards available to employees in countries outside the U.S.?

Yes! Wellable partners with several vendors that support international rewards, including Tremendous and ThrivePass.

How long does it take to implement Wellable’s Wellness Platform?

We recommend 4 weeks for implementation (from the day of contract signing to the first day of your initial challenge). This timeline includes a 2-week registration period leading up to challenge launch. Implementation consists of a virtual training and intake survey, followed by a kick-off meeting with your dedicated Account Manager.

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