Quarterly Series

Wellable’s quarterly wellness services series are designed to improve employee self-care and foster interconnected teams. All events will be virtual, so everyone can participate! This solution allows employers to remove the hassle of planning regular events and manage budget through a monthly subscription.


What you’ll get with the Self-Care Series

Includes two events per quarter and is designed to improve employee physical and mental well-being. Each event is virtual and accessible to all employees for an affordable, fixed rate. This series can be added to any Wellable Wellness Program or purchased as a standalone solution.



What you’ll get with the Team-Building Series

Includes one event per quarter and is designed to enhance organizational culture and foster interconnected teams. Each event is virtual and accessible to all employees for an affordable, fixed rate. This series can be added to any Wellable Wellness Program or purchased as a standalone solution.


Tai Chi

Tai Chi
Kickstart the New Year with a fun new workout that improves endurance and builds muscle
Improve heart heath, sleep, and focus with a guided mindfulness session

Enjoy the benefits of massage therapy at home and relieve stress, anxiety, and depression with a guided session
Celebrate Global Employee Health And Fitness Month in May or International day of Yoga in June

Use gentle movements to improve muscle tone, increase flexibility, alleviate pain, and calm the mind
Engage in zone therapy to address pressure points that can ease generalized stress and boost energy and balance

Recognize World Mental Health Day in October and help manage your mindset
Spend time reflecting on what you are grateful for before heading into the New Year


Kick off the New Year with Team Trivia to help employees get to know each other and bond over some healthy competition. The collaborative nature of the game encourages teamwork and gives different teammates a chance to show off their smarts.

Cocktail Class
Making cocktails (or mocktails) with colleagues is a fun and social way to build and strengthen relationships. Employees can learn and showcase new skills at a festive event that celebrates a seasonal observance like Mother’s Day or Pride Month.

Creativity is good for health! It elevates mood, alleviates anxiety, and boosts brain function. Painting also requires us to focus on the present moment, which can be an exercise in mindfulness. Paint kits provide employees with everything they need!

Food Demonstration
The holiday season is fast approaching! Learn how to make a tasty and creative recipe; then, showcase your skills at your next dinner party or family gathering to elevate the experience for all...while also enjoying a delicious new food.

Why Wellable

All Virtual
Engage everyone in the office
Carefully Vetted Vendors
Work with top instructors
Expert-Curated Activities
Enjoy fun and unique events
Affordable Pricing
Kill boredom, save the budget
Flexible Scheduling
Fit in existing programming
Concierge Service
Get dedicated planning support

À La Carte On-Site & Virtual Services

Interactive sessions designed to empower attendees and motivate healthy behaviors

Full List Of Educational Presentations

All-level classes that are welcoming and fun to facilitate movement and support active lifestyles

Full List Of Fitness Classes

Programs designed to guide and support participants to become advocates for their own health

Learn More About Health Coaching

Professionally-managed events to improve health and wellness benefits visibility

Out-of-the-box experiences that can address a wide variety of unique wellness needs

Full List of Specialty Services
Educational Presentations
Fitness Classes
Health Coaching
Health Fairs
Specialty Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Wellness Services can be procured on a subscription or à la carte basis, which allows employers to build a program that meets their specific needs. Check out the Wellness Services tab on the pricing page for more details.

Virtual Wellness Services, such as webinars, telephonic health coaching, and online fitness classes, can be delivered globally. On-site Wellness Services can be delivered across the United States and in select areas across the globe.

For both on-site and virtual Wellness Services, Wellable recommends four to six weeks from request to delivery. This will allow for the appropriate details to be finalized as well as ample time for marketing the event to employees.

Yes, in addition to having all instructors and educators individually insured, Wellable carries supplemental insurance. A certificate of insurance is available upon request, and in certain circumstances, customers can be made a named insured on the certificate.

Wellable will provide marketing flyers, email templates, and best practices recommendations to help optimize attendance and value from the Wellness Service.

Wellable provides an online registration tool that allows participants to view a schedule of Wellness Services available, sign up for an event, and complete a liability waiver (if applicable).