Why Wellable Wearable Device Store?

Why Wellable Store?

Rather than committing to a single brand when purchasing devices, the Wellable Store allows employers to offer employees discounted devices from all the major brands. Employers will also save money in the process!

How It Works

Employees receive a voucher to the Wellable store for any amount and can use the voucher to purchase the discounted device that makes the most sense for them. If the device they choose exceeds the voucher amount, the employee pays the difference. All devices are shipped for free to the employee, eliminating any administrative burden on the employer.


All products within the store are discounted, and in many cases, the prices are below the discounts an employer can get by buying bulk directly from the manufacturer.

Employers only pay for vouchers that are used, not issued. This ensures the employer avoids paying for extra and unnecessary devices.

There are no minimums so employees can have access to all types of devices, and the employer does not have to worry about hitting certain volume requirements.

The number of vouchers and the dollar value can be customized to any amount. Unlike direct from the manufacturer orders, employers don't need to place orders in increments of 10 or 100, which leads to even more savings.

More than 80% of purchases by employees will be in excess of the voucher amount. This means employees will be buying into the program.

This is in contrast to programs where employees do not have to commit anything upfront to get a device.

All orders from the Wellable store are shipped directly to the employee. The days of having to manage the distribution of devices are gone.

All support, exchanges, and distribution are managed by Wellable. All the time saved leads to even more cost reductions.

Frequently Asked Questions

A wearable device is a dedicated piece of hardware (separate from a smartphone but often connected to one) that serves as an activity tracker for the user. Activity is primarily tracked through steps taken, measured through an accelerometer, and distance traveled, measured via GPS. Newer and higher end wearable devices also track heart rate as well as have other functional features, such as apps, ability to read/respond to text messages, and more. Common wearable devices include Fitbit, Garmin, and Apple Watch.

No, a wearable device is not required to participate in a Wellable Wellness Challenge. Participants can use a wide array of free mobile apps to track and verify their activity. Organizations can also allow participants to manually enter their activity if they do not have access to or want to use a smartphone to track activity.

The discount on each wearable device varies by brand and popularity of the specific device (the most popular devices have greatest discounts). Typical discounts range from 15% to 25% off the retail price from the manufacturer. For most groups, the discounts available are greater than direct purchase from a manufacturer.

Organizations can purchase vouchers to subsidize the purchase of the already discounted devices. The dollar amount of the vouchers must be a whole number greater than $10.00.

Wellable only bills for used, not issued, vouchers. This ensures budget dollars are not wasted on wearable device procurement.