Ergonomics Screening

Employees meet with an ergonomics professional to discuss proper posture, desk and chair height, computer screen distance, and more when working at a desk. Since employees spend hours each day at their work stations, this screening helps them reduce discomfort and remain productive throughout the day.

Fitness Consult

Employees meet with a fitness professional to talk about fitness goals and assess overall fitness. Depending on the goals, employees are asked to perform simple fitness tests such as toe touches, pushups, and squats to test fitness level and ability. The fitness professional also provides additional information about the importance of physical activity and how to fit it into daily life.

Flexibility Screening

This test measures flexibility of the lower back and hamstring muscles. Flexibility testing is important in assessing range of motion, muscle weakness, and muscle imbalances. A fitness professional guides an employee through a simple sit and reach test to assess flexibility. They also provide educational materials to help employees increase flexibility, reduce pain, and increase mobility.