Not Just A Platform, Also A Partner

Wellable's top 10 features

Direct Integration

Wellable directly integrates with all major consumer wellness apps and wearable devices, including Fitbit, Apple Health, Garmin, and more. The direct connection ensures participants benefit from real-time syncing (they will not have to wait to see their data in Wellable) and industry-leading support (Wellable does not rely on any third parties to provide user support). 

Regardless of the technology that they choose, employees can connect it to Wellable and have their wellness data automatically sync with their Wellable account. All integrated apps are free to download so employees can get started with just a smartphone. 

Check out the full list of apps and devices that integrate to Wellable!


Every employer is unique, and so is every employee within that organization. This is why one-size-fits-all solutions never work in employee wellness programs. Wellable allows employers to create wellness experiences that address the specific needs and objectives of their organization through a wide array of customization and configuration options across all challenges.

As their wellness program grows and evolves, employers can take the feedback from employees to frequently and easily adjust their program to adapt to the changing needs of participants. 

Employers will be able to customize:

  • the activities (apps/devices) they want to make eligible in the program
  • challenge duration
  • Special Activities
  • email and Bulletin Board communications
  • rewards
  • and more!

Challenge Library

Although Wellable challenges are highly customizable and configurable, it offers a library of turn-key wellness challenges to choose from so that challenge creation is not necessary.  Employers can also start with a turn-key challenge and customize from there or start from scratch if they would like.  Their dedicated Account Manager will always be there to help them along their way.

Special Activity

Special Activity allows Wellable to incorporate, promote, and enhance company-specific wellness initiatives into a wellness challenge experience! 

For example, the fully customizable menu can be used to award Wellable Points to participants that attend onsite events, such as fitness classes, seminars, or health fairs; clinical events, such as flu shots or annual physicals; and social events, such as a participant sharing a photo or taking a walk with a colleague. 

Any number of Wellable Points can be assigned to a Special Activity, and employers can verify the completion of these company-specific events by implementing a Verification Code or uploading the data via their Admin Account.

Wellable’s team of dedicated Account Managers make designing and executing custom wellness programs easy. These wellness experts leverage their extensive experience, best practices from other Wellable clients, and current research to ensure programs are built for success. They also help in designing short- and long-term wellness strategies, setting goals and objectives to measure success, and optimizing reward and incentive budgets.

Every employer receives a dedicated Account Manager who will become familiar with their unique needs and concerns so that they can be proactive in addressing issues before they arise.

Email Customization

All Wellable email communications are fully customizable, including the ability to add custom text, images, internal/external links, and videos. 

Emails communications also have the ability to incorporate Personalization Tokens, which allow employees to receive highly personalized communications tailored just to them, including their individual and team performance and ranking on the leaderboard.

Bulletin Board

The Bulletin Board is a customizable area within each employee’s account that can communicate challenge details and other useful information.  The feature allows important materials to reside in a static place, providing a single location for participants to learn about an existing program, upcoming events, and more. 

Supplementing other forms of communication, the Bulletin Board is a reliable place that employees can count on to find answers to questions that they may have previously missed or details that are too long to share in emails. If you don’t have a company intranet, the Bulletin Board can also be used to promote information that would otherwise be hosted internally. 

The Bulletin Board has the ability to host custom text, images, internal/external links, and videos, and changes made to the Bulletin Board get published immediately.


Employers have access to an online dashboard that organizes numerous pieces of quantitative data into easy-to-understand charts and tables that provide insights on the performance of their wellness challenge. 

In addition to the online dashboard, employers will be able to run customizable reports that export raw data to Microsoft Excel.

LeaderboardWellable organizes participant performance into individual and team leaderboards that promote “healthy” competition amongst employees. 

The leaderboard can be configured to default to what is most relevant for a specific challenge (individual vs. team, custom date range, custom title, etc.), but participants will always have the ability to customize the view for themselves, allowing them to see individual leaderboards during a team challenge, for example. 

Employers can also assign participants to organizations, which can be an office location, department, or other distinct groups, allowing participants to see individual and team leaderboards just for their organization.

Manual Entry

Direct integrations with leading apps and devices make tracking and syncing activity incredibly easy, but for some employees, especially those with limited access to technology, having the ability to manual log activity is a must. 

Wellable offers an optional feature that, when activated, will allow employees to manual track activity, making the benefits of Wellable available to all types of participants.


Daily Challenge

Daily Challenge is a proprietary feature in Wellable that embraces the impact small behaviors can have on health.  These meaningful activities, such as sleeping for more than 7 hours and avoiding soda or sugary beverages, help participants build healthy daily habits in all areas of life.

Public Lederboard

Really get the office competition going by having a public leaderboard displayed on a screen in the office.  Wellable’s public leaderboard is designed for office displays and auto-refreshes every ten minutes so all employees can see how the challenge is progressing. 

It’s also a great way to promote the challenge to those not participating and guests of your office that will be able to see how important employee health is to the company culture.

Profile images

Let’s get personal!  Employees will be able to upload an image or choose from one of many fun avatars to set as a profile image.  Their profile image will be available to view on the leaderboard and update emails with an embedded leaderboard, adding a personal touch to the “healthy” competition.

User support

A huge part of the wellness experience for employees is ensuring they have access to helpful and timely support along their journey, which is why Wellable uses Zendesk software to manage its industry-leading support. 

In addition to being the platform that allows Wellable to remove the administrative burden of support from human resource and wellness teams, Zendesk benchmarks Wellable’s support performance across 119,000+ companies.  Wellable ranks in the 99.2 percentile for first response times and have 92% of all support requests resolved in less than one hour.

Help Center

With a robust Help Center and information cues inside an Admin Account, employers have immediate and easy access to resources that will make the execution of their program hassle-free. 

Wellable is also in the process of launching a Wellable Online Community, so companies can share questions, best practices, and other helpful resources to make the most of their Wellable program.