Q3 2023


Push Notifications

Communication is a critical ingredient in a successful wellness program, and it is important for employers to communicate with employees across multiple media formats. Wellable is proud to introduce custom push notifications as a new way to communicate program updates. In addition to communicating via the Bulletin Board, emails, and print/digital flyers, employers will now be able to send customized messages to participants’ phones when they have downloaded the Wellable mobile app.


New On-Demand Content: Self-Massage

Self-massage classes are the latest edition to Wellable On-Demand. Self-massage is a technique that applies pressure to specific areas of the body using hands, fingers, or specialized tools like foam rollers or massage balls. This form of self-care alleviates muscle tension, improves blood flow, reduces stress, and releases knots in muscles and fascia. With more than a decade of experience in mobility and deep tissue and sports massage, Chase Riner leads participants through short massages they can practice at home or in the office.


Organize Your Life Challenge

Wellable continues to expand to new domains of employee well-being and engagement. Say hello to the latest addition, the Organize Your Life Challenge. Getting organized can have significant health benefits, such as reducing stress and anxiety, promoting healthy lifestyle choices, improving time management, and even supporting better sleep. If getting organized was as easy as 1, 2, 3...no one would struggle with it! This challenge makes the organization process fun, helping participants achieve a sense of order in several areas of their lives.

Q2 2023


Recipe Library

In addition to the monthly meal plans that have enriched the bellies of employees, Wellable expanded the nutrition resources available as part of On-Demand to include an extensive recipe library. Users can now search and filter to find their perfect and healthy snack or meal. New recipes will be added monthly!


Mental Health Matters Challenge

Wellable continues to expand to new domains of employee well-being and engagement. Say hello to the latest addition, the Mental Health Matters Challenge. Mental health is foundational to overall well-being—it affects daily thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Supporting mental wellness requires consistent effort and attention, an ability to identify mental health concerns, and knowing where to seek support...and this challenge can help participants do just that!


In addition to having employees verify annual physicals and flu shots for Wellable Points and/or rewards, your program can now incorporate the verification of two dental visits and a vision exam each year. To verify the completion of these activities, employees will upload signed forms in their Wellable account, and the event will be automatic logged as a Special Activity.

Q4 2022


Wellable continues to invest in the On-Demand experience. The latest addition is the On-Demand Dashboard, which provides enhanced analytics on the engagement of the solution. This includes actionable intelligence on the most popular categories, instructors, days of the week, and more. You will be able to use this information to assess and enhance engagement.


Use the information presented in the On-Demand Dashboard to recommend specific content for users with links that take them directly to where they need to go in the Wellable mobile app. Also, after watching each video a new modal will appear notifying users of Wellable Points earned.


To improve the Challenge and Continuous Program implementation process for Self-Directed administrators, Wellable will be launching new and improved Implementation Guides in the coming weeks. In addition to revising the guides so the instructions are easier to follow and up-to-date with best practices, each Implementation Guide will also include step-by-step instructions on wrapping up a challenge with our Dashboard and Analytics tools.

Q3 2022



Cycling classes are the latest edition to Wellable On-Demand. These all-level classes led by Pearl Fu and Toby Massenburg include interval training, upper body workouts, cool downs, and more! All you need is a stationary exercise bike. It is a low-impact workout, but it is no ride in the park!


The Wellable Wellness Services team launched two quarterly series to improve employee self-care and foster interconnected teams. The Self-Care Series includes two events each quarter and features educational classes like mediation, self-massage, journaling, and more! The Team-Building Series includes a fun event like trivia and paint night each quarter. All events will be virtual (everyone can participate!). This new solution allows employers to remove the hassle of planning regular events and manage budget through a monthly subscription.



After hearing requests for a chat feature, Wellable has delivered. The new feature will allow individuals to message and share photos with individual or groups of colleagues. New features, such admin messages and push notifications, will be coming soon as we continue to invest in the user experience. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you would like this feature enabled. Once enabled, please share your thoughts and feedback as you chat!

Q2 2022


Webinar Quiz

Wellable's Health Content feature promotes greater health and well-being awareness through multimedia delivery of research-backed tips and timely resources. Part of the content is delivered through a webinar series that focuses on a new holistic health topic each month. For subscribers of Health Content, the addition of the Webinar Quiz allows users to earn Wellable Points for reinforcing their learning from the webinar by taking a short quiz.

Health Coaching

Wellable health coaches provide high-touch, personalized support to break down barriers and empower employees with the tools and guidance they need to realize their potential and make healthy changes that last. Previously, registering for a health coaching appointment required a user to leave their Wellable account. Now, users can browse available health coaches and book an appointment inside the Wellable app. In addition, Wellable now supports employers in offering health coaching via a subsidy model.


Sleep Stories

Sleep Stories are the latest edition to Wellable On-Demand. They are designed to help listeners fall into a restful sleep while listening to a variety of enjoyable stories about everything from the exploring Egypt to visiting Iceland. These stories are a great way to quiet the mind, soothe nerves, and put anyone right to sleep.

Q1 2022



In July 2020, Wellable launched On-Demand with great success. The solution offered unlimited access to a robust library of fitness and mindfulness/meditation classes, sleep stories, and recipes, allowing users to focus on their wellness anytime, anywhere. A popular feature request was to allow engagement in this content to be automatically logged and awarded Wellable Points. Say no more! Participants now can focus on being healthy and let the Wellable Points roll in!


Team Registration

Wellable's new team registration feature allows participants to quickly and easily form teams prior to the challenge, removing any administrative burden on program coordinators.

Hydrate For Health - Challenge Ideas

Wellable continues to expand to new domains of employee well-being and engagement. Say hello to the latest addition, the Hydrate For Health Challenge. Hydration is a dimension of well-being that is commonly overlooked, often because individuals feel their bodies signal when they need to consume fluids. Though it may seem like a simple concept, an alarming number of adults are not drinking enough water. Since adequate daily intake of this simple element delivers countless health benefits, this challenge is designed to educate and motivate in the name of proper hydration!

Q4 2021


timed-activities product-update-desktop

After hearing valuable feedback and getting to work, Wellable released a much-anticipated update on December 28th in regards to the way Wellable Points are calculated. In the past, participants earned a fixed number of Wellable Points for all physical activities that were not tracked via steps or distance, such as yoga or weightlifting. The feedback was that this did not distinguish fairly between workouts of different lengths, as participants earned the same amount of Wellable Points regardless of time spent. With the new update, participants will now earn Wellable Points based on the number of minutes they engage in an applicable physical activity. Essentially, the longer a participant exercises, the more Wellable Points they will earn. This allows participants to still earn Wellable Points for getting in a quick workout, while simultaneously acknowledging time and effort spent on a longer session.


Recipes Recipes

Well-being is best achieved through a holistic approach, which is why Wellable embraces dozens of dimensions of health through their challenges and continuous program modules. To further its holistic approach in the On-Demand solution, Wellable has added recipes and meal planning to its library of physical activity and mental health classes. Each month, participants will have the opportunity to download a detailed packet for plant-based and traditional diets, which include recipes, weekly shopping lists, and sample meal plans. Bon appétit!

Azure/Okta SSO

Participants using Azure or Okta for single sign on (SSO) can now access their Wellable accounts directly from the sign in pages on the web and mobile app! If you're interested in setting up SSO for your group, please contact your Account Manager.

Q3 2021

Health Tips

As part of Wellable's continued effort into improving employee health literacy, the Wellable Health Tip program, which was primarily delivered via text messages to only US residents, will now be available globally and delivered via notifications from the Wellable app. In addition to a better user experience, employers will have better analytics on usage of the tool to gauge impact. This feature will be launched on a rolling basis through the month of October.


Social Wellness Challenge - No Text

Wellable continues to expand to new domains of employee well-being and engagement. Say hello to the latest module in Wellable's Continuous Program, social wellness. As naturally social creatures, humans rely on interactions, relationships, and networks for their health and well-being. Positive, supportive, and compassionate relationships can relieve stress and depression, boost confidence, improve cognition function, and enhance physical well-being. Social wellness is fostered by supporting the positive relationships between well-being and social interactions, and this module helps participants identify small and large steps they can take to enhance the quality of their relationships with friends and family to improve their social well-being


Each month, Wellable adds new content to its on-demand fitness class library. The past quarter was special in that a new series that focuses reducing and preventing injuries for individuals who spend most of the day sitting or in front of a computer was filmed. The series, Desk Pilates, will be released in late October and is led by Kyria Sabin, Director of Fletcher Pilates.

Q2 2021


Wellable's Health Content solution is a multimedia strategy (text messages, digital/print flyers, email newsletters, and holistic webinars) that provides employees with reliable, evidence-based health information across a wide breadth of topics. Unfortunately, this solution, which was built as a standalone product, was not fully integrated into the Wellness Platform experience...until now. Participants can now view health tips and register for a monthly webinar directly from the Wellable app. Wellness program coordinators can now view all upcoming content as well as download weekly flyers and schedule monthly newsletters directly from their Wellable Admin Account. The result is a seamless experience for users and admins.

Environmental Wellness

Wellable continues to expand to new domains of employee well-being and engagement. Say hello to the latest module in Wellable's Continuous Program, environmental well-being. One's surroundings can impact their well-being in a variety of ways. Quiet spaces with lots of natural light can increase alertness and decrease stress, allowing one to work on their goals in a calm, clear-headed manner. On the other hand, environments that contain allergens, pollution, or products with harmful substances in them can increase the chances of developing a host of ailments ranging from a stuffy nose to heart disease. As a result, being well requires environmental wellness, which refers to the degree to which the various environments (e.g., home, car, office, etc.) are conducive to health, happiness, goals, and values. This module helps participants identify small and large steps to improve the environments in which they live and work.


Each month, Wellable adds new content to its on-demand fitness class library. The past quarter was special in that a new walking meditation series combined the benefits of physical and mental health into one program. Each of the ten classes focuses on a different area, from decluttering your mind to self-compassion, and are led by renowned instructor Jaime McFaden.

Q1 2021

PWA Dashboard

The PWA is Wellable's answer to the Health Risk Assessment (HRA). Rather than intrusive questions about an employee's health, many of which they may not know, the PWA asks questions on an employee's lifestyle across seven dimensions of health and well-being. Based on their responses, employees receive tailored educational content and feedback on ways to improve their health in that topic.

Previously, employers received access to aggregated, de-identified responses delivered via a data export. These analytics are being replaced with the PWA Dashboard, which captures all the data from the PWA and presents it in a way that creates actionable intelligence for the program coordinator. It is designed to help employers make smarter, more informed decisions about their wellness programming and meet the specific needs of their population.

Wealth Challenge

Wellable continues to expand to new domains of employee well-being and engagement. Say hello to the latest addition, the Wealth Challenge. Wealth is traditionally thought of as an abundance of money, but that's not necessarily the case. To be wealthy is to be financially well, and this differs for every person as financial well-being is a state in which a person can fully meet current and ongoing financial obligations, feel secure in their financial future, and be able to make choices that allow them to enjoy of life. This looks different for everyone! Through educational videos and encouragement of practical exercises, this challenge helps participants learn how to sharpen their skills for managing finances to reduce related stressors and achieve a positive state of financial well-being.


To further expand its on-site and virtual food demonstration services, Wellable partnered with Plate Nextdoor to offer employers, health plans, and properties cultural and skill-based cooking, baking, and beverage classes. Plate Nextdoor has hosted numerous classes for Wellable's clients, including a session on making Japanese Okonomiyaki (a savory pancake) as well as a Mardi Gras cooking party where participants learned about New Orleans' cuisine and culture and its famous "Hurricane" cocktail. There is an entire calendar of virtual events by Plate Nextdoor planned for this year's partnership with Wellable, with a focus on healthy cooking and holiday-themed events.

Q4 2020


Each month, Wellable add new content to its on-demand fitness class library. The past quarter was extra special in that a number of new series were added, including mindfulness and meditation as well as 4-3-2-1. The mindfulness and meditation series is led by Dr. Antonio Harrison and provides guided meditations to bring balance and harmony to the mind, body, heart, and soul through a unique approach to self-care and discipline. Led by Sean Foy, the 4-3-2-1 Workout series is a perfect, entry-level option designed to maximize time and improve physical fitness. Each fun and effective workout only takes 10 minutes (four minutes of cardio, three minutes of resistance training, two minutes of core exercises, and a one-minute cooldown).


This isn't a traditional product update, but it is a huge announcement, nonetheless. Wellable has always invested heavily in being a thought leader for the employee well-being industry, and in a further commitment to the cause, Wellable Labs was born. Wellable Labs is dedicated to advancing human capital management by reimagining the framework, norms, tools, and technologies industry professionals use to attract, retain, and enhance the performance of employees. As you adapt to meet the wants and needs of employees, differentiate yourself through a culture of health, and drive overall business success, there has never been a better or more necessary time to explore the intersection of engagement, well-being, benefits, and technology. Wellable Labs advances its mission with the help of tactical thinkers and visionary leaders delivering interactive content, proprietary research, thought leadership, and a robust community to question the status quo and transform the employee wellness industry.

What does this mean for Wellable partners? You will have access to regular webinars and content pieces on critical topics, such as regulatory updates and tax considerations for wellness rewards, as well as proprietary research that will help you make better wellness programming decisions. Also, Wellable Labs will ensure Account Managers are informed about the latest trends in employee well-being, ensuring you get the best counsel when designing your program.


In February 2020, Wellable acquired Chasing Nirvana Yoga to expand its footprint in properties and improve the health and well-being of more individuals. With the same goal in mind, Wellable proudly announced its partnership with HqO, the end-to-end operating system for commercial office buildings, to collaborate with more properties and landlords. HqO customers will now have direct access to Wellable's comprehensive providers, alongside modules for increasing physical activity, achieving better sleep, reducing stress, and improving other areas of health and well-being such as happiness, purpose, and gratitude.

Q3 2020


Wellable has been working on the launch of the new admin site since December (yes, last year!), so expect some big changes! The entire user experience has been redesigned. All the same features will still be there, but they will just be quicker, more intuitive, and better organized. Since the changes will be substantial, the launch of the admin site will be October 12, allowing ample time to prepare and plan for the update. Account Managers will be standing to help with the transition and ready to accept any feedback you would like to share.


Continuous Wellness Program Calendar 2021

A continuous incentive wellness program, or continuous program, rewards daily healthy behaviors and is a natural progression for maturing employee wellness programs. The continuity of the program becomes the foundation for a comprehensive wellness initiative that develops healthy, repeatable habits. Unlike traditional wellness challenges, a continuous program does not have a defined start and end date; these programs are "active" all the time, incentivizing employees to make healthy choices every day! In addition to tracking physical activity throughout the program, participants will be introduced to a new holistic wellness topic each month, which provides the framework and knowledge to successfully transition from conscious awareness into intentional action. During the program, new Special Activities will be promoted to reflect the monthly holistic wellness topic. These actions, which are paired with proprietary content, have been intentionally curated to maximize engagement, increase awareness, and encourage the practice of daily healthy behaviors. Check out the 2021 calendar to see what is in store for next year. In addition to monthly activities, employers can reward participants for completing a Personal Wellness Assessment (PWA), which will provide them tailored feedback on improving their well-being, and/or getting an annual physical.


Resilience Challenge

Wellable continues to expand to new domains of employee well-being and engagement. Say hello to the latest addition, the Resilience Challenge. Resilience is the ability to bounce back from adversity, frustration, and misfortune...but it's not only how one handles negative experiences. It also refers to reactions to positive events, like progress or increased responsibility. Given its impact across all aspects of life, developing greater resilience is important for all employees, and this challenge provides an opportunity for just that! In addition to providing education about the importance and many benefits of resilience, this four- to six-week challenge offers five unique Resilience Exercises designed to help participants build resilience and well-being in their life.

Q2 2020


On-Demand Fitness Classes

Last quarter, Wellable Live was launched to give employees a daily resource to keep them healthy while self-quarantining. After listening to feedback from employers and employees and gaining in-depth knowledge of the benefits and hardships of working from home, Wellable is happy to announce it just launched On-Demand Fitness Classes to replace Wellable Live. Employees will have unlimited access to a wide range of content that will fit their schedules, personal preferences, and fitness goals! Employees can use filters to search and select from over 400 unique, on-demand classes. Accessible by phone, computer, or tablet, the fitness library will be updated monthly and covers a diverse set of workouts. From kickboxing to kettlebells, Pilates to pregnancy, bodyweight to barre, it's all available through unlimited, on-demand access! Fill out the form at the bottom of the On-Demand Fitness Classes webpage to try some sample classes.


Happiness Challenge

Wellable continues to expand to new domains of employee well-being and engagement. Say hello to the latest addition, the Happiness Challenge. Being happy and healthy go hand-in-hand because happiness not only feels good, it is good─for overall health and well-being! It's one thing to know what it feels like to be happy, but understanding its valuable impact on health and how to achieve it is key. This challenge provides an opportunity for participants to learn about the many health benefits of happiness and different ways to channel it. Through weekly health tips and the practice of seven unique Happy Habits, participants are able to flex their happiness muscles for a healthy and happy wellness challenge experience.


With COVID-19 closing many offices and limiting employee congregations, important events like employee health fairs had to be canceled, leaving a void in a critical service companies use to educate employees on benefits. Virtual Health Fairs fill this void by providing an opportunity for employees to learn about the different health and wellness benefits that are available to them as well as a chance to become more aware of their own health and well-being. While virtual fairs may be a new concept to many, the benefits of hosting an event that can be accessed globally are priceless. Wellable takes what appears to be a daunting task and assists in innovating and reformatting an on-site health fair into a fun, experiential virtual engagement opportunity.

Q1 2020


Go For The Gold copy

Wellable continues to expand to new domains of employee well-being and engagement. Say hello to the latest addition, the Go For The Gold Challenge. Although the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo are postponed until next summer, it doesn't mean employees can't be champions today! Inspired by the different events of the ancient Greek games, participants are taken on a historical journey to learn about and practice physical activity exercises that will have them moving like an Olympian─without ever stepping foot in the stadium. Through engaging "how-to" videos and fun facts, participants are encouraged to engage in creative weekly exercises that mimic the moves of Olympic competitors to achieve their personal best and go for the gold! All the exercises can be practiced anywhere and without equipment, so this challenge is great for employees stuck at home or without gyms because of COVID-19.



In response to COVID-19, Wellable Live was launched to give employees a daily resource to keep them healthy while self-quarantining. This virtual wellness programming provides daily activities for remote workers as well as their family members (which can be especially beneficial with everyone together at home). The activities include fitness classes, mindful meditation sessions, and educational seminars. The events cover different exercises and practices each day to boost activity levels, support mental health, and educate users. Participants can choose to live stream the activities, which can provide much-needed structure to new at-home routines, or choose to watch previously recorded classes that are most relevant to them.



The PWA is Wellable's answer to the Health Risk Assessment (HRA). Rather than intrusive questions about an employee's health, many of which they may not know, the PWA asks questions on an employee's lifestyle across seven dimensions of health and well-being. Based on their responses, employees receive tailored educational content and feedback on ways to improve their health in that topic. Employers receive access to aggregated, de-identified responses, which can help them make smarter, more informed decisions about their wellness programming and meet the specific needs of their population.

Q4 2019



After months of hard work, Wellable is proud to announce the release of its brand new iOS and Android mobile apps! Participants will now have access to all the great features of Wellable in the palm of their hand. Please contact your Account Manager for a communication packet on best ways to promote the app to employees.


Purpose Challenge

Wellable continues to expand to new domains of employee well-being and engagement. Say hello to the latest addition, the Purpose Challenge. The high level of meaning that purpose brings can positively impact overall wellness by contributing to both happiness and health. Through a mix of education and thoughtful activities, this challenge helps participants unlock the power of purpose to live life to the fullest! In addition to encouraging regular physical activity, participants are encouraged to complete five different Purpose Exercises, each designed to help them uncover their unique "why" and embody it daily for the benefit of their well-being.



This new feature will allow participants to earn Wellable Points for getting an annual physical or flu shot. To verify the completion of one of these activities, a participant will have their clinician complete the Clinician Verification Form and upload the completed document to Wellable in their User Account.

Q3 2019



The Wellable team has been working hard with professional design and user experience consultants since May to bring a fresh, new look to the product. The new user site is complete, and it adds an improved experience and look to an already popular product. It will be released in October, so stay tuned for the rollout instructions. The new admin site and new iOS and Android mobile apps, which will be built from the ground up, will be released in late Q4 2019.


Gameday Hustle Challenge

Wellable continues to expand to new domains of employee well-being and engagement. Say hello to the latest addition, the Gameday Hustle Challenge. You don't have to be a pro to get in on some healthy pigskin competition. The game plan for this physical activity challenge is for participants to earn Wellable Points to virtually move their team down the field and into the end zone for the game-winning touchdown. Everyone who participates will feel like a champion as they tackle health and wellness through movement and teamwork. Fun football facts and health tips are provided throughout the competition to keep teams in the gameday spirit. Ready, set, hike!


Total Wellness Challenge

Welcome another new challenge! Wellness is a journey that touches all aspects of an individual's life, and it is a process in which people become aware of and make choices toward achieving a more holistic sense of fulfillment and well-being. It is a multi-dimensional, self-directed, and evolving practice that is based on an individual's changing lifestyle. Through a systematic approach that integrates multiple dimensions of wellness, this challenge helps participants achieve a well-rounded and balanced life by learning about the eight dimensions of wellness: (i) physical, (ii) social, (iii) spiritual, (iv) emotional, (v) occupational, (vi) environmental, (vii) intellectual, and (viii) financial wellness.

Q2 2019


Q2 - Create Challenge

It's always been easy to implement one of Wellable's turnkey challenges. Now, it just got even easier. Wellable's new challenge creation wizard will make getting a challenge set up for launch as easy as tracking steps. The wizard can create a new challenge, including all the communications, with less than a minute (yes, that's right) of work. These challenges can also be customized to be individual or team as well as have custom start dates and durations.


These new developments are hard to see but easy to experience. Wellable spent time this quarter cleaning up code, launching servers, creating new processes, and more. The end result is a faster, more reliable product that makes the user and admin experience ever more delightful. This work is also the foundation of what will be a major new addition next quarter ─ the launch of a newly designed site. The new site design will be followed by the launch of new mobile apps for iOS and Android.


Vacation Exploration - Website

Wellable continues to expand to new domains of employee well-being and engagement. Say hello to the latest addition, the Vacation Exploration Challenge. Enjoying time off is extremely beneficial for health and well-being! During this physical activity challenge, participants enjoy a virtual vacation ─ earning Wellable Points to explore four unique and popular vacation destinations around the globe. On this educational journey, participants will learn about health benefits associated with taking time off, different ways to spend a vacation (it doesn't always mean traveling!), and fun facts and health tips about each of the destinations visited during their travels.

Q1 2019



Wellable customers are the best! They comprise a group of dedicated and passionate people that want to make their work environments a place where employees thrive. Wellable wants to support the sharing of best practices, ideas, and policies for employee wellness, which is the goal of the Wellable Community. It will allow wellness administrators from across the world connect online with other individuals running Wellable programs to help everyone develop and implement successful programs. The challenges one company experiences trying to build a wellness program may not be that dissimilar to another company. The sharing of these experiences will help everyone learn from each other!



This quarter, Wellable began the process of creating a library of on-demand, proprietary content that can be used by employees independently or as part of a Wellness Challenge. Wellness Challenges customers now have access to a guided meditation series designed to help employees learn the practice of meditation. Each of the ten sessions builds upon each other as the participant begins to build the skills and stamina to practice meditation on their own. Wellable also produced a six-part video series on the importance of sleep and ways to improve sleep hygiene for a better night's rest. This series pairs perfectly with the Sleep Tight Tonight Challenge. Ask your Account Manager how to access the content!


Sleep Tight Tonight

Wellable continues to expand to new domains of employee well-being and engagement. Say hello to the latest addition, the Sleep Tight Tonight Challenge. Sleep plays an important role in physical, mental, and emotional health, and as a result, making small tweaks to sleep hygiene can have a big impact on overall well-being. During the Sleep Tight Tonight Challenge, participants will learn the importance of a good night's rest and ways to practice healthy sleep habits. This challenge provides participants with a fun and effective way to work towards healthier sleep and feel rested and refreshed in the process.

Q4 2018



Sixty-eight percent of smokers want to quit, and with the significant impact smoking has on health and productivity, employers should provide resources to help them cut the habit. This is why Wellable is proud to announce its partnership with the EX Program. Developed in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic, the EX Program is an interactive, self-paced, guided quit plan provides the specialized support tobacco users need for the behavioral, social, and physical aspects of tobacco addiction. Participants receive a personalized quit plan, an online community for support, live coaching via chat, text messaging, and nicotine replacement therapy (patches, gum, or lozenges). The pricing is based on active participants, so employers can offer it as a benefit to all employees and only pay for those individuals who are ready to quit and enroll in the program.


Wellable Archived Dashboard

Wellable has always understood the importance of measuring the performance of a wellness program. It serves as a means to improve the program over time as well as a way to demonstrate the value of a program to company leadership. To improve the way it helps employers measure wellness program success, Wellable launched an enhanced Wellable Admin Dashboard. In addition to being able to archive older Dashboards, the new analytics expands the scope of what is being measure. If there are analytics you would like to see, do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager and offer some suggestions.


New Year Solutions Challenge

Wellable continues to expand to new domains of employee well-being and engagement. Say hello to this latest addition, the New Year Solutions Challenge! The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to reflect, refresh, and look ahead. The start of January goes hand-in-hand with the widely held tradition of making a New Year's resolution, but many find that achieving new goals and making them stick can be tricky. The challenge is about kickstarting healthy behaviors and setting goals and intentions to work towards throughout the year. In addition to focusing on activity and nutrition awareness, tips and resources for creating S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely) goals help participants set thoughtful, personal goals for the upcoming year - their New Year Solutions.

Q3 2018


Admin Training

Wellable launched a new online training module for Wellable Admins, and it doesn't just benefit new customers. If a new administrator takes over your program or if you would like a refresher on all that Wellable has to offer, you can run through the online training on-demand. It even includes fun, interactive quizzes to make sure important features and skills don't get overlooked. To supplement the training, Wellable Account Managers are always available to help you achieve your employee wellness vision!


Help Center

With a robust Admin Help Center and tooltips inside the Admin Account, you have immediate and easy access to resources that will make the execution of your program hassle-free. The Help Center includes on-demand information to all the important questions you may have. Spoiler Alert: Wellable is also in the process of launching a Wellable Online Community, so employers can share questions, best practices, and other helpful resources to make the most of their Wellable program. Stay tuned!


Wellable made it easy to create new emails by allowing you to copy existing communications with the click of a button. Although it is unclear why challenge creation did not have the same feature (sorry!), it is no longer a problem. With a simple click, you can copy over the challenge you worked so hard to create, make a few edits (if your heart so desires), and launch a new challenge.


Team and Org

Teams are like teenagers, they are always changing. This new feature makes it easy to add or remove members of a team or organization (e.g., division, department, location, etc.) by creating pre-populated and searchable options based on the existing teams and organizations that are part of a specific challenge. This will make managing teams during a challenge lightning-fast. Don't forget, you will always have the ability to update teams and organizations in bulk!


Sustainability Chalenge

Wellable continues to expand to new domains of employee well-being and engagement. Say hello to this latest addition, the Sustainability Challenge! The simple goal of sustainability is to create and maintain an environment where humans and nature can exist in productive harmony. In an effort to support long-term ecological balance, the Sustainability Challenge provides participants with an opportunity to focus on both their personal well-being by engaging in physical activity and the well-being of the planet by learning how to easily incorporate sustainable practices into their everyday lives.

Q2 2018



Save time with Wellable's new Image Library! With the Image Library, you will have quicker access to and easier management of graphics that will increase the visual appeal of communications and improve engagement through program awareness. In addition to being able to upload and use your own images, you will have access to a Wellable Images folder, which will include a number ready-to-use graphics to get you started.

The Image Library is located within the module to create or edit Communications (Email and Bulletin Board) in your Wellable Admin Account. You will be able to see the option to access Image Library when you select Insert/Edit Image. Click here to learn more about how to use the Image Library.


Leaderboard Organization

Wellness challenge leaderboards are a great way to motivate participants and encourage healthy competition! Raise the stakes by allowing participants to view the leaderboard with just individuals and teams from their "organization," which can be any subgroup within your company (e.g., division, department, location, etc.). Whether you are running an individual or team wellness challenge, you can assign participants to organizations in your Wellable Admin Account, which will enable them to have access to organization-specific leaderboards.

Pro tip: Highlight this new feature in your next wellness challenge by organizing teams by department or division. For some added motivation, get leadership involved by designating them as team captains!



Within Communications, you will now have access to the new Bulletin Board feature. The Bulletin Board in a place in Wellable User Accounts to host challenge details, health and wellness information, upcoming events, and anything else that you might like employees to know about! Think of it as your own little wellness website! Whether you want to promote a current challenge or provide details about an upcoming health fair, the Bulletin Board is the place to communicate details that employees should know.



This feature is great news for avid Apple Health users! The WellSync app, which allows Wellable users to connect Apple Health, will now be automated to sync Apple Health data. This means employees no longer have to manually sync to make sure their data is in Wellable. To take advantage of this recent upgrade, participants should make sure they have downloaded the latest version of the WellSync app. Push notifications must be turned on and the user must be signed in to WellSync in order for the auto-sync to occur. To confirm push notifications are on, participants can go into their iPhone settings and turn on "Allow Notifications" for WellSync. Users will receive a push notification confirming a successful sync on the first sync of the day. WellSync will continue to auto-sync throughout the day but will not notify users of these successful syncs.

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