Product Updates

Wellable is constantly investing in and improving the experience it delivers to participants and program administrators.  Learn about the newest features and latest updates to make sure you get the most out of your Wellable program and achieve desired organizational wellness goals.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to your Wellable Account Manager to learn more about any of the topics below and/or to share feedback for new features you would like to see.

Q2 2018


Save time with Wellable’s new Image Library!  With the Image Library, you will have quicker access to and easier management of graphics that will increase the visual appeal of communications and improve engagement through program awareness.  In addition to being able to upload and use your own images, you will have access to a Wellable Images folder, which will include a number ready-to-use graphics to get you started.

The Image Library is located within the module to create or edit Communications (Email and Bulletin Board) in your Wellable Admin Account.  You will be able to see the option to access Image Library when you select Insert/Edit Image.  Click here to learn more about how to use the Image Library.


Wellness challenge leaderboards are a great way to motivate participants and encourage healthy competition!  Raise the stakes by allowing participants to view the leaderboard with just individuals and teams from their “organization,” which can be any subgroup within your company (e.g., division, department, location, etc.).  Whether you are running an individual or team wellness challenge, you can assign participants to organizations in your Wellable Admin Account, which will enable them to have access to organization-specific leaderboards.

Pro tip: Highlight this new feature in your next wellness challenge by organizing teams by department or division.  For some added motivation, get leadership involved by designating them as team captains!


Within Communications, you will now have access to the new Bulletin Board feature.  The Bulletin Board in a place in Wellable User Accounts to host challenge details, health and wellness information, upcoming events, and anything else that you might like employees to know about!  Think of it as your own little wellness website!  Whether you want to promote a current challenge or provide details about an upcoming health fair, the Bulletin Board is the place to communicate details that employees should know.  


This feature is great news for avid Apple Health users!  The WellSync app, which allows Wellable users to connect Apple Health, will now automated to sync Apple Health data.  This means employees no longer have to manually sync to make sure their data is in Wellable.  To take advantage of this recent upgrade, participants should make sure they have downloaded the latest version of the WellSync app.   Push notifications must be turned on and the user must be signed in to WellSync in order for the auto-sync to occur.  To confirm push notifications are on, participants can go into their iPhone settings and turn on “Allow Notifications” for WellSync. Users will receive a push notification confirming a successful sync on the first sync of the day.  WellSync will continue to auto-sync throughout the day but will not notify users of these successful syncs.