Mobile App

Participants can access Wellable through a mobile-friendly web application or through one of Wellable's native apps for iPhone and Android devices. In either case, participants have access to all of the same features and functionality


Wellable directly integrates with all major consumer wellness apps and wearable devices, including Fitbit, Apple Health, Garmin, and more. The direct connection ensures participants benefit from real-time syncing (they will not have to wait to see their data in Wellable) and industry-leading support (Wellable does not rely on any third parties to provide user support).


Regardless of the technology that they choose, employees can connect it to Wellable and have their wellness data automatically sync with their Wellable account. All integrated apps are free to download so employees can get started with just a smartphone.


Check out the full list of apps and devices that integrate with Wellable!

Challenge Library

Although Wellable challenges are highly customizable and configurable, it offers a library of turn-key wellness challenges to choose from so that challenge creation is not necessary. Employers can also start with a turn-key challenge and customize from there or start from scratch if they would like. Their dedicated Account Manager will always be there to help them along their way.

Customizable Communications

Wellable supports flexible communications strategies that engage employees in different forms of media. This includes:

Email communications are fully customizable, and can be scheduled through Wellable's Admin Portal. The content on the Bulletin Board is also customizable, which allows employers to share any relevant information with participants, including details about current wellness programs, other company benefits, and internal events.

Special Activities

Special Activity is a fully customizable menu that allows employers to incorporate any activity or event into a wellness challenge or program. For example, Special Activities can be used to award Wellable Points to participants that attend onsite or virtual events, such as fitness classes, seminars, or health fairs; clinical events, such as flu shots or annual physicals; and social events, such as a participant sharing a photo of a healthy activity or taking a walk with a colleague. Each Special Activity can be logged once per day unless it is assigned a Verification Code. Special Activities that require Verification Codes, which help ensure activities were actually completed, can be logged only once during a challenge or program.


Each participant has access to their own personal Dashboard to measure their progress in the program. They will be able to see their performance across multiple categories of Wellable Points over a period of time. They can also see summary information on the total number of Wellable Points they have earned in the program as well as their individual and team ranking, if applicable. The leaderboard is a great way to promote healthy competition in a program. In addition to being able to see individual and team leaderboards, participants have additional options to see how they rank amongst their team members as well as how they or their team rank amongst a sub-group of all participants, such as an office location or functional group.

Rewards & Recognition

Participants can earn rewards for engaging in the program and their health. Wellable offers a wide range of reward options, including, but not limited to, (i) cash, premium differentials, and PTO, which are processed via payroll and (ii) electronic gifts cards, which are processed with one of Wellable's strategic partnerships

Admin Dashboard

Wellable offers a full reporting suite that provides actionable intelligence on wellness program performance (e.g., engagement %). These on-demand analytics are available at any time in the Admin Portal through an interactive dashboard and exportable reports. Wellable clients find these tools valuable for measuring program impact and optimizing programming to achieve wellness goals.

Personal Wellness Assessment

The Personal Wellness Assessment (PWA) is Wellable's answer to the Health Risk Assessment (HRA). Rather than intrusive questions about an employee's health, many of which they may not know, the PWA asks questions on an employee's lifestyle across seven dimensions of health and well-being. Based on their responses, employees receive tailored educational content and feedback on ways to improve their health in that topic. Employers receive access to aggregated, de-identified responses, which can help them make smarter, more informed decisions about their wellness programming and meet the specific needs of their population.

Annual Physical Verification

Participants can earn Wellable Points for getting an annual physical or flu shot. To verify the completion of one of these activities, a participant will have their clinician complete the Clinical Event Verification Form and upload the completed document to Wellable in their User Account.