Employers around the world have adapted to new measures to limit the spread of COVID-19. This "new normal" involves more people working from home, which can potentially worsen individual health by greatly limiting options for physical activity and social interaction. By adapting wellness solutions for this unique situation, companies can ensure that economic losses are minimized thanks to a healthy workforce that can continue to perform job tasks at optimum levels.

In response to the workforce changes precipitated by COVID-19, Wellable offers turnkey, budget-friendly solutions that can be quickly and easily deployed to a dispersed workforce and address multiple areas of health.



COVID-19 Testing

  • •  Mobile testing services that provide employers, properties, and communities with direct access to onsite COVID-19 testing

  • •  Convenient for employees and residents, reduces fear, and is a proactive way to help contain the virus

  • •  High-quality antigen and antibody tests are authorized by the FDA and can be used to determine active and past infections


Health Content

•  Curated, evidence-based health tips sent via text message

•  Digital wellness flyers branded to your organization

•  Email newsletters that provide updates on the latest COVID-19 developments

Health Content


•  60-minute educational presentations including Q&A

•  Custom-created to connect with employees and instill lasting healthy habits

•  Discussion topics include stress management, ergonomics, behavior modifications, healthy eating, fitness, and more



•  One-on-one coaching sessions conducted via phone, mobile app, video conference, or in-person

•  Helps employees manage job uncertainty, chronic stress, and unhealthy lifestyle behaviors

•  Interact with digital coaches outside of appointment hours on apps like MyFitnessPal, MapMyRun, and more

On Demand Fitness

On-Demand Fitness Classes

•  Top trainers from across the globe deliver exclusive video content for all fitness levels

•  Support employees' health goals while gyms and other fitness programs are temporarily closed down

•  More than 400 classes to choose from, including HIIT, Yoga, Pregnancy, and Pilates


Wellness Challenges

•  Company-wide programs that engage employees in holistic well-being through team or individual competitions

•  Support social well-being and mental health by maintaining connections with coworkers and encouraging camaraderie

•  Employees have access to a mobile-first platform to enable remote access and participation


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