“Gallup research shows that about two-thirds (65%) of American adults have a smartphone. About half of these smartphone users – or 34% of all adults – have downloaded at least one app that is meant to support healthy living, and 19% of all adults have downloaded and routinely used at least one such app. This means that one out of every five people are regularly using mobile technology to improve their chances of a life well-lived. Among full-time workers, this percentage climbs to 23%.”

Below is a graphic that provides additional detail of mobile health and wellness app usage.

Employers should embrace digital health movement and empower their employees to engage their health and wellness through emerging technologies. The graphic above highlights the need for a multi-app experience because employees, like consumers, will want to engage in different ways and through different technologies. As a result, employers should be flexible and allow employees to pick the apps and wearable devices that make the most sense for them.

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