This week’s Whiteboard Wednesday session focuses on a specific finding from the highly publicized Illinois Workplace Wellness Study.  The session reviews the impact of financial incentives on program participation.  The video focuses on the impact of incentives on participation rates in the wellness activity, which, in the study, include smoking cessation, stress management, and recreational activities.  In short, the study suggests financial incentives have a diminishing marginal return and incentives for downstream wellness activities were more cost-effective than up-front incentives tied to completing the initial health screening.

Want to learn more about the findings from the study?  Check out the Wellable blog post and podcast (with the lead researchers from the study) for a deeper dive into the research.

Whiteboard Wednesdays are short-form video posts from Wellable on important topics to know for employee health and wellness professionals. Please post comments on the video or suggestions for future Whiteboard Wednesday sessions below!

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