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Whiteboard Wednesday: Math Behind Reducing Blood Testing

This week's Whiteboard Wednesday session is on the math behind reducing blood testing and why employers should not conduct broad-based blood testing via biometric screenings.  Whiteboard Wednesday videos are meant to be short so this one focuses on the impact of over-testing from a mathematical perspective.  There are several other research-based reasons on why biometric screenings to do not help employers accomplish many of their employee wellness goals, but since this video is focused on just one of them, it is strongly encouraged that those interested in learning more check out Wellable’s eBook on the topic.  The eBook summarizes five studies that show why employers should avoid biometric screenings.

Whiteboard Wednesdays are short-form video posts from Wellable on important topics to know for employee health and wellness professionals. Please post comments on the video or suggestions for future Whiteboard Wednesday sessions below!

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