Last month, Wellable released our blog on 6 Trends in Employee Wellness, which received a lot of attention from informed human resource and health plan professionals alike. The infographic also sparked interesting discussions on LinkedIn, with people from all professions weighing in on the state of the industry.

To continue the conversation, Wellable decided to invite Tom Ciccotti, the Co-Founder and EVP of Shortlister (and author of the survey) to be a part of Wellable’s very first podcast. Tom brought with him his incredible insight and expertise, hoping to provide a better picture behind the numbers.

(This video is for visual audiences who’d like to follow along with our presentation. If you prefer to listen on-the-go, please listen to our podcast on Sound Cloud or directly on our audioplayer on this page.)

To make it more convenient, we provided a list of topics and their timestamp in the audio. You can listen to the whole episode, and then come back to specific topics in the future for clarifications!

1:35: Tom Ciccotti and Shortlister
3:50: Well-being Industry Prospectus 2017 overview
5:45: Shift to total-wellness programs
6:45: Disparity between must-have and growing-demand
8:10: Controversies around biometric screening
10:55: Why companies are moving away from carrier solution, embracing 3rd party vendors
12:08: How carriers can adapt
14:40: The increasing demand for mobile solution
17:30: The future of niche solutions
19:00: Is Employee Wellness becoming a must-have?
20:40: Predictions on 2018 trends

Please enjoy this episode, the first of many more to come! Also, we’d love to hear what you think of our content, so head over to our Twitter @GetWellable and join the conversation!

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