Between March and April of this year, Wellable hosted the Step Into Spring Ortho Challenge. The four-week step challenge had 14 large orthopedic groups across the United States compete for ultimate bragging rights, cool t-shirts, and gift cards. At the end of the challenge, which consisted of 1,161 participants, Wellable issued a user survey. The results were interesting and impressive so we thought we would share some of the findings with you.

Question #1

what is your experience with consumer health and wellness technologies prior to and during the wellness challenge? This question provides context on the number of individuals that started tracking their activity with technology as a result of the program, and as we know from research, activity trackers can improve health when people actually use them. An often misconception about wellness challenges is that participants are limited to individuals who already track their health. In this challenge, more than 50% of respondents never used or were not actively using consumer wellness technologies to track their activity prior to the challenge. This is a significant number of individuals who gained awareness and started using these solutions in their daily lives.

Question #2

How likely is it that you would continue to use wellness technologies after the challenge ends?

This question is an extension of the prior survey question and is designed to measure the lasting impact of the challenge on personal activity tracking. Approximately 93% of respondents were likely or very likely to continue using consumer wellness technologies after the challenge. This dispels another common misconception that suggests challenges have a short-term impact. That being said, our experience suggests that engagement does slowly attrition off, which is why running periodic challenges can serve as a boost to keep sustainable engagement high.

Question #3

during the wellness challenges, were you motivated to increase your physical activity and live a healthier life?

This metric speaks for itself. Employees want to know that their employer cares for them. Employers should also be concerned that employees perceive them as “caring” because “caring” companies have employees that thrive. Offering programs that motivate healthier living is a great way for employers to show that they care.


“I enjoyed the challenge, it took me out of my comfort zone.”

“ […] We’ve done walking challenges in the past; however, [we] were doing it manually and it was very time-consuming for team captains to administer. I hope we participate in future challenges!”

“I loved it and I’m ready for the next challenge!”

“I was surprised about the number of people this motivated to get moving and to be more consistent. I felt the program was more successful that similar events we have tried in the past […]”

“Great concept to encourage exercise and […] allow the company to work together towards a common goal.”

“I really enjoyed the challenge. This really helped motivate me to begin my own workout routine. Thank you!”

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