Wellable recently did an expert interview with HubEngage where Nick Patel, Founder and President of Wellable, talked about innovative ways to improve employee wellness. The article touches upon a wide variety of topics that are essential to a good wellness program, namely technology, rewards and incentive, engagement, and more!

To give you a sneak peak, here is Nick’s prediction for the future of digital employee wellness:

Even though employee wellness programs still have a lot of room to grow, we see them slowly becoming a must-have. This is similar to how 401Ks used to be nice-to-haves, but now they are a must-have to attract and retain talent.

As wearables become more mainstream, wellness programs will shift their focus from ‘improving adoption‘ to ‘impacting the margin‘. Right now, 20% of Americans under age of 65 own fitness trackers, as well as 17% of their older counterparts. In the coming years, the “quantified self” movement will drive this number up to a much higher percentage. In five to ten years when most people already use wearables or wellness apps, wellness programs should no longer focus on getting more people onto the bandwagon. Instead, they should focus on encouraging people to use whatever technology they already own, and then use that data to push them forward just a little bit further or to integrate more of the feedback loops into their everyday lives.

On the wearable side, we see continuous improvement in analytics and usability as well as non-wellness functionalities. For example, Fitbit will focus both on improving the validity of their tracking data and adding functions like payments, voice assistance, etc. to their devices. This will increase a device’s attractiveness and stickiness for a user – attractive because the data will produce more meaningful results, and sticky because more and more of their daily activities will rely on having their devices on their wrists.

Head over to HubEngage’s blog for the full scoop! 

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