Simply offering a wellness program provides no guarantee of improving employee wellbeing, lowering medical expenses, or improving productivity and employee engagement. Employees must be aware the program exists and participate in it. Although more than 85% of large employers offer a wellness program, Gallup research shows that only 60% of U.S. employees are aware that their company offers a wellness program, and only 40% of those who are aware of the program say they actually participate in it. This results in a dismal 24% participation rate in corporate wellness programs.

employee wellness checkup
With 24% participation rates, it is time for employee wellness to get a checkup. Employers need to think about their wellness programs from a different angle; they must think of their employees as consumers and embrace consumer technologies as the pillars of their program. Wellable’s wellness philosophy believes in creating an ecosystem by which employees can choose from a number of consumer devices and apps to engage in their health and participate in their employer wellness program.

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