According to Gallup research, U.S. businesses lose between $450 and $550 billion per year due to disengagement, which manifests itself in turnover rates, poor productivity, and below average work. To combat this, businesses are searching for scalable methods to better engage employees. In fact, many companies now view engagement as a competitive advantage.

A new report seeks to answer two important questions about employee engagement: (i) do employees actually want employee engagement programs added to their work environment and (ii) if so, what type of programs do they want? Some key findings from there survey:

  • 70%+ of employees felt engagement software would help them perform better at work and 25%+ said it would help them stay motivated
  • 54% of respondents indicated that they would be more likely or much more likely to perform a task if it had gamification elements
  • Employees expressed the greatest preference for wellness and fitness programs at work (30%) followed by a point based rewards system (25%)

Wellable’s comprehensive health and wellness platform addresses employee engagement in addition cost containment of medical expenses. The research above further validates the Wellable thesis. Employees do want employee engagement solutions and specifically desire wellness and fitness programs that gamify being healthy through friendly competitions amongst coworkers.

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