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Don't Let The Word "Challenge" Fool You - Administering Programs With Us Is Easy, Fun, And Rewarding!

Most employee wellness challenges force participants to adapt to a rigid platform or technology. They provide employers little opportunity to customize and configure challenges to meet the needs of their employees. Wellable believes that wellness is a one-size-fits-one solution. No single technology is perfect for everyone. Some prefer Apple Watches, but others swear by their Garmin devices. Wellable allows employees to choose the technologies that are best for them and supports employers with easy-to-use tools to build and administer challenges designed for their populations. The result? Healthier, happier, and more engaged employees!

Apps And Wearables

Wellable integrates with all major consumer wellness apps and wearable devices. Regardless of the technology that they choose, employees can connect it to Wellable and have their wellness data automatically sync with their Wellable account. All integrated apps are free to download so employees can get started with just a smartphone. Check out the full list of apps and devices that integrate to Wellable, which include Fitbit, Apple Health, Garmin, and more.

Have employees without smartphones or wearable devices? Not a problem. Programs can be configured to support manual entry so anyone can participate!


Gamification And Community

There is nothing wrong with a little healthy competition! In fact, studies show that competition may be a far better motivator for exercise than social support. Wellable allows employers to create challenges that encourage participation and engagement through leaderboards as well as community building through teams and onsite activities.

Building a culture of health to include gamification and community can be hard. Learn more about how Wellable's team of Dedicated Account Managers can help you design your dream Wellness Program!

building community with employee wellness challenges




Rewards and incentives have become staples of employee wellness programs because they encourage initial participation in the program. With Wellable, employers can automate the delivery of numerous reward options to drive participation and generate results. Below are some of the reward options Wellable supports.
  • Gift cards
  • Cash via payroll contributions
  • Health Savings Account (HSA) contributions
  • Premium differentials
  • Paid time off (PTO)
  • And more!

Rewards and Incentives for employee wellness challenges


In the age of big data, every wellness program participant will create thousands of data points. How do you make sense of all the information? Wellable offers simple and relevant analytics, providing actionable intelligence on wellness program performance. These on-demand analytics are available at any time through an online dashboard and exportable reports. The information helps optimize programming, deliver desired results, and achieve wellness goals!

Employee Wellness challenges analytics



Wearable Devices

While wearable devices are not required to participate in a Wellable Wellness Challenge, some employers might opt to purchase or subsidize trackers for participants. Wellable’s Wearable Device store is a perfect way to get started! Rather than committing to a single brand, the store allows employers to offer employees discounted devices from Fitbit and Garmin. All orders are shipped directly to the employee for free, eliminating any administrative burden on the program organizer.

Learn More About Wellable's Device Store
Wearable device


Frequently Asked Questions

All leading apps and devices, including Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Watch, and more, integrate and automatically sync with Wellable.  These include a number of free apps so having a wearable device is not a requirement for participation.  Groups can also allow participants to manually enter information.  To see a full list of the apps and devices that sync with Wellable, please visit the Wellable App Partners page.
Since Wellable connects with all the major apps and devices, this situation will impact a small number of individuals.  Regardless, Wellable can support many of these participants by allowing them to sync their data through an aggregator app, such as Apple Health, Google Fit, and S Health, that connects with Wellable.  Aggregator apps connect with a wider array of technologies, which allow less popular apps and devices, such as Polar, Pebble, and Xiaomi, to sync to participant Wellable accounts.
In addition to tracking traditional wellness program metrics like physical activity and nutrition, Wellable has features to incorporate emerging wellness areas, such as mental health and financial security.  Wellable also allows employers to incorporate company-specific events, such as onsite seminars, local races, and more.  This customizable feature allows organizations to track any type of activity they would like, making the possibilities endless!
Yes, Wellable has individual and team leaderboards to spur “healthy” competition.  Participants earn Wellable Points for all their healthy activities, and Wellable Points are used for ranking individuals and teams.  For team challenges, Wellable uses average Wellable Points for the rankings so teams can be any size and don’t have to be the same size.  This helps remove barriers to creating fun team challenges.  Office vs. office anyone?
No, rewards administration and on-demand reporting do not cost extra. Organizations simply reimburse Wellable for the cost of the reward and run unlimited reports for free.
Wellable recommends a four-week implementation process to allow for strategic planning, program promotion, and a soft launch (providing participants with access prior to the official launch of a challenge).  For organizations that know exactly the program they want to build or need a quick launch, Wellable can accommodate a shorter implementation cycle, which can be less than 24 hours.  Please let the Wellable representative know about an accelerated timeline as soon as possible.

No problem!  Feel free to contact us with any question(s).  A Wellable Wellness Specialist will be in touch promptly.