As the modern workforce increasingly demands more than just a paycheck, organizations with an emphasis on employee wellness have the upper hand when it comes to retention and recruitment in today’s competitive job market. Workplace wellness activities are engaging additions to the workday that nurture the health and well-being of the workforce, whether implemented as a standalone initiative or as part of a broader corporate wellness program. This article covers what you need to know about workplace wellness activities, including 30 ideas to kickstart your employee wellness program.

30 Holistic Wellness Activities For The Workplace 

What Constitutes A Wellness Activity?

Wellness activities in the workplace encompass a wide range of practices and experiences that foster well-being across multiple dimensions. These initiatives target physical, mental, social, financial, intellectual, spiritual, occupational, or environmental well-being. Many activities address several aspects of wellness; for example, a fitness class can enhance physical, mental, and social well-being.

Why Wellness Activities In The Workplace Are Important

Workplace wellness activities can contribute to a thriving culture of health and organizational success. There is a multitude of benefits from these activities that extend to both the organization and their employees. It’s a ‘win-win’ situation. 

culture of health

By promoting healthy behaviors and offering support across dimensions of well-being, workplace wellness activities can lead to improved health outcomes for employees, ultimately reducing absenteeism due to illness or injury. Prioritizing workplace well-being also boosts employee engagement and productivity, as individuals perform their best when they feel their best.  

These activities play a pivotal role in reducing stress and building resilience, equipping employees with the tools to navigate challenges both inside and outside of the workplace. Companies that organize these activities demonstrate a genuine concern for their workforce, boosting morale, satisfaction, and retention.

30 Wellness Activities For The Workplace

  1. Wellness Challenge: Inspire healthy behaviors among employees with a wellness challenge. From step and sleep challenges to sustainability and mindfulness challenges, provide various options that encourage the adoption of healthy habits.
  1. Healthy Potluck: Plan a potluck where employees can share nutritious homemade dishes. This fosters a sense of community, promotes a culture of health, and offers a chance for colleagues to discover new favorite recipes to recreate themselves.
  1. Lunch & Learn: Turn employees’ lunch break into an opportunity to learn about a wellness topic like nutrition, exercise, mental health, sleep, etc. Consider inviting a guest speaker who has expertise on the topic and can provide practical tips.
  1. Group Walk Or Hike: This gets team members outside, moving, and talking – boosting mental, physical, and social well-being. This wellness activity is a great opportunity to stroll and chat, while a hike encourages colleagues to support each other during a more challenging activity.
Group Walk Or Hike
  1. Outdoor/Walking Meeting: Elevate meetings by taking them outside! The power of nature will stimulate the mind for heightened engagement, creativity, and productivity.
  1. Volunteer: Empower employees to make a meaningful impact with a team volunteer activity. Encourage them to come together and choose a cause they’re passionate about, cultivating camaraderie, boosting morale, and igniting a shared sense of purpose.
  1. Ergonomic Assessment: Demonstrate a commitment to the health and safety of employees by providing professional ergonomic assessments. Optimize their workstations to promote comfort, increase productivity, and prevent injuries. This not only boosts employee satisfaction but also contributes to a more efficient workplace.
  1. Therapy Animals: Create a stress-free workplace by inviting therapy animals or encouraging team members to bring their furry companions. Animal lovers are bound to bond with this wellness activity, and everyone can experience the positive impact of pets on mental well-being.
  1. Gratitude Exercise: Foster an attitude of gratitude in the workplace by encouraging employees to share one thing they are thankful for in a group chat, at meetings, or on a whiteboard. Embracing gratitude positively impacts mental health, promoting happiness and breaking negative thinking patterns.
  1. Zen Zone: Designate a tranquil workplace “zen zone” where team members can escape the daily hustle. With comfortable seating, calming decor, and soothing music, this serene space offers the perfect area for power naps or moments of meditation, promoting relaxation and rejuvenation.
  1. Mindfulness/Meditation Workshop: Organize a mindfulness and meditation workshop to equip the team with techniques to cultivate focus, reduce stress, and enhance mental clarity. This helps them build resilience to navigate challenges with greater ease.
  1. Stretch Breaks: Encourage team members to take short breaks together for a rejuvenating stretch session. This wellness activity promotes physical health, reduces muscle tension, and increases focus and productivity.
Stretch Breaks
  1. On-Site Chair Massages: Pamper employees with the ultimate relaxation experience through on-site chair massages. These sessions offer much-needed tension relief and a moment of bliss during the workday, recharging both the mind and body.
  1. Creative Expression Session: Encourage employees to explore their artistic talents and tap into the therapeutic benefits of self-expression. From brush strokes to shaping clay, an art class or session fosters a sense of joy, relaxation, and team bonding as colleagues embark on a creative journey together.
  1. Dialogue Space: Implementing a voluntary and informal “dialogue space” meeting in which employees can openly discuss sensitive topics such as mental health, identity, and other traditionally taboo subjects. This non-judgmental environment encourages empathy and support while recognizing the importance of mental health.
  1. First Aid Training: Book a first aid course to equip the team with the skills and knowledge to confidently handle emergencies, including CPR and AED training for life-threatening situations. This contributes to a safe and healthy workplace.
First Aid Training
  1. Mental Health First Aid Training: Mental health first aid training empowers employees to offer impactful support to those facing mental health challenges and substance use issues. These skills foster a supportive work environment and can be applied to anyone who is struggling – colleague or not.
  1. Sports Game: Boost camaraderie and physical activity by organizing a sports game. Whether it’s a friendly soccer match, a competitive basketball game, or a lively volleyball tournament, participating in sports activities fosters a sense of unity and promotes an active lifestyle.
  1. Field Day: Through a series of outdoor games and competitions, team members will boost their physical well-being, learn to work as a team, and engage in friendly competition. 
  1. Fitness Class: Get the team moving by organizing a fitness class. Whether it’s invigorating high-intensity workouts or calming yoga sessions, these classes promote physical activity and serve as a stress reliever. Choose from on-demand videos or invite a qualified instructor to the office. 
  1. Recognition Wall: Designate a wall or bulletin board where employees can write messages of recognition and appreciation for their colleagues. This simple yet impactful activity cultivates a supportive work environment and boosts employee morale and well-being. This can be modified with a recognition group chat for remote workplaces.
  1. Mocktail Happy Hour: Elevate the traditional happy hour experience with a refreshing twist by hosting a mocktail hour. Provide a selection of non-alcoholic beverages crafted with fresh fruits and herbs, offering a healthier and hydrating alternative while enjoying the social aspect of a happy hour.
  1. Office Oasis: Bring the benefits of nature indoors and liven up the workspace with the gift of greenery. Research has shown that plants enhance well-being, improve air quality, and boost productivity. Organizing a day trip to a plant nursery or letting employees “adopt” their own plans for which they are responsible are few options to “go green” at work.
Office Oasis
  1. Garden: Plant a garden at the office and provide fresh fruits and vegetables for future workday snacks or mocktail hours. This hands-on activity nurtures a connection with nature, promotes sustainable practices, and encourages healthy eating habits. Tending to the garden fosters teamwork and offers a relaxing escape from daily work demands.
  1. Wellness Resource Library: Equip employees with a collection of wellness resources. Provide articles, videos, and other health content that cover a range of topics, from stress management and mindfulness to nutrition and exercise. Encourage employees to take periodic breaks to explore these resources, expanding their knowledge and equipping them with valuable tools to enhance their well-being.
  1. Financial Wellness Workshop: Invite financial experts to conduct an informative workshop on topics such as budgeting, savings, investment strategies, and debt management. This empowers employees to make informed decisions about their finances, reducing stress and promoting financial well-being. 
  1. Lifestyle Spending Account: A Lifestyle Spending Account allows employees to allocate funds toward personal well-being, whether it’s fitness memberships, wellness services, or self-care expenses. Incentivize healthy behavior by rewarding dollars for engaging in healthy activities (i.e. getting X number of steps in per day).
  1. Wellness Bingo: Create a workplace wellness bingo board with different wellness activities or healthy habits. Employees can participate and mark off the activities they complete, aiming to complete a row or the entire board for rewards.
  1. Book Club: Starting a company book club promotes intellectual growth while encouraging team members to connect over shared interests. Take it a step further with wellness-related books!
  1. Standing Or Treadmill Desks: Revolutionize the way employees work with standing or treadmill desks, allowing them to stand or even walk while they work. This promotes better posture and reduces sedentary behavior, enhancing physical well-being.


Once employers have witnessed the positive impact of workplace wellness activities, the next step is to integrate them into a corporate wellness program. The best wellness programs go far beyond offering health insurance, gym memberships, or a salad bar in the cafeteria. A solid program takes a holistic approach to employee health, addressing all dimensions of wellness. By incorporating a diverse range of workplace wellness activities, these programs capture a comprehensive perspective on employee well-being. 

A good corporate wellness program begins with an assessment of employee needs and interests, followed by the creation of a customized program that offers a variety of resources and workplace wellness activities.

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Including tailored activities that cater to diverse needs is optimal to ensure a wellness program serves all members of the workforce. This demonstrates genuine care and commitment to employee health and well-being.

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